Corporate Games Return to Porterville

From September 11- 21 businesses within or close to Porterville will again participate in corporate games organized by the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

This business-to-business team competition is said to be the ultimate team-building experience. Games include: cornhole, volleyball, spelling bee, archery, home run derby, bowling, footgolf, basketball challenge and an Obstacle Course. Organizations in the Porterville area including schools, churches, service organizations, businesses, non-profit and government agencies may also complete.

The following shows how easy it is for your company to compete in the Games:

Team Rosters: A team will consist of a minimum of 6 individuals with at least 2 being women. Each event is coed with some events requiring at least one woman and some events at least two women. There is a maximum of 25 per company roster. Each company competes in each event but different people on the roster may participate in different events.

Select a Captain: The Company Captain is the main contact between your company and the PCG Staff in order to assure information is communicated effectively. The Captain will handle administrative functions associated with registration and verification of participation rosters and attend the Captain’s Briefing. Captains will also prepare and organize the team to play each event and assure that the team is on time for each game.

The Corporate Cup: The ultimate goal of competing in the PCG is to win the prestigious Corporate Cup. Points are awarded to the top six finishers in each event, and are accumulated throughout the Games. The company with the highest point total at the end of the tournament wins the 2017 Corporate Cup, which will be presented at the Closing Ceremony.

Medals: In addition to earning points for your company; Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams of each event. The medals will be presented to the winning team members at the close of each event.

Employee Eligibility and Regulations: Each participant must be an employee of the participating company who has been on the payroll for the last 15 days prior to the start of the Games. If a participant is deemed ineligible by PCG Staff after having already participated in an event, that team will be disqualified from the event and 10 points will be deducted from that teams score, regardless of the results of the event. Any medals or awards will be removed from the company and reassigned. Any participant under 18 years old must be a current employee of the company. Retired employees of participating companies are encouraged to participate provided the individual has written permission from the company with identification.

Spouses: Each company may independently decide whether they will allow spouses of employees to participate in the Games as a representative of their organization. For smaller companies, allowing spouses to compete may help increase their participation levels.

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