Farmersville, Armed with Grant, to Improve Deep Creek

Farmersville recently unanimously voted to move forward with an urban stream project which would improve the Deep Creek waterway, as well as providing a walking trail along its banks.

The $756,000 project is funded through State of California Department of Water Resources, in a grant awarded in 2015, said City Manager John Jansons.

Farmersville’s Deep Creek will soon receive a long-overdue restoration including a walking path along the levy. Nancy Vigran/Valley Voice

In its early stages planning and environmental impact studies are first taking place. The work on the waterway will most likely begin within six months dependent upon the irrigation flow end of season, he added.

Deep Creek is a natural waterway. The improvements will take place along a 2.9 mile area from Walnut Ave. on the north to Ash St. on the south, within city limit.

This is in response to three primary problems, according to staff reports, having arisen within the past 20 or so years:

  • Erosion and flood risk – the creek is shallower than it used to be due to erosion and sedimentation
  • Environmental issues – non-native invasive plants have taken over, “choking out” native plants along with banks of the creek.
  • Stewardship – through the years, the creek has been a dump site for trash and waste.

The Consolidated People’s Ditch Company (CPDC) has water rights for Deep Creek. The company provides routine maintenance to the waterway to ensure that water moves freely and efficiently for irrigation purposes. However, according to the report, the restoration that Deep Creek requires is beyond what CPDC is responsible for or even its capabilities.

“Deep Creek has never undergone a thorough restoration. It is long overdue,” the report said.

This will take place along two primary segments of the 2.9 miles within the city, which are of special concern to residents and city leaders.

Approximately 80 residential properties back up to the creek within city limits and the restoration will assuage concerns of safety.

Included in the plan will be a walking trail along the levy, Jansons said.

The route can be utilized for exercise, or as an attractive alternative route within the city

A community educational outreach program, Keep Deep Creek Clean, is included the funding.

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