Tulare Recall Recount Postponed for August 1

A scheduled recount of the Tulare Local Healthcare District’s July 11 election has been postponed to August 1.

The delay comes after the recount fee – an estimated $2,620 according to the Tulare County Registrar of Voters’ office – was not paid in time for the recount to take place on July 31.

The recount will now take place August 1 at 1:30pm at 5951 S. Mooney Boulevard, Visalia, CA.

Those interested in observing should call Denise Ybarra at (559) 624-7300 so that the registrar’s office can prepare an identification name badge for your visit.

There is limited space available for observers, and those registered to observe Monday’s recount will need to re-register.

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3 thoughts on “Tulare Recall Recount Postponed for August 1

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  1. How many times will the Registars office allow Kumar to pull these stunts? If hadn’t paid by last Friday then this recount should be over.

  2. Why the entire Tulare county functions as if they are personal servants of Dr Parmod Kumar? From DA to elections office ??

  3. I don’t thank they want any one to get to the books maybe there a afraid they mite go to prison and end up dropping the soap in the prison shower

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