Tulare County Registrar Office Anticipates Certifying Tulare Election by July 21

The Tulare Local Healthcare District election results could be certified as soon as July 21, according to a July 14 canvass update press release from the Tulare County Registrar of Voters.

“To date, our office has counted 879 ballots for the special recall election with 707 yes votes and 168 no votes,” the release states. “Senovia Gutierrez received 569 votes, Jesse R. Salcido received 173 votes and there were 17 write-in votes. There are 4,941 registered voters.”

The results include vote by mail, all-mail precinct and processed ballots voted at the polls. Friday, July 14, 2017 was the last day to receive any vote by mail or mail precinct ballots that would be considered timely.

Because of new legal requirements, the Registrar of Voters is now also required to allow eight days after the election for voters that submitted an unsigned Vote by Mail ballot to sign the envelope statement. If voters with such ballots do so,m they will be counted.

The office has contacted the voters affected by that policy, the release states.

According to the June 14 release, the office has the following items left to process:

  • Provisional Ballots: 37
  • Vote by Mail/Mail Precinct Ballots: 104
  • Ballots waiting for Voter Signature: 6
  • Challenged Ballots: 0
  • Ballot Duplicating: 0
  • Roster Processing: 0
  • 1% Manual Tally 0
  • 100% Manual Tally of Touchscreens: 0

While California law requires that the results be certified by 30 days after the date of the election, officials stated in the release that they anticipated the results to be certified and sent to the Tulare Local Healthcare District by July 21.

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