Tulare County Officials Advise Residents Near Kings River to be on Alert

The County of Tulare is experiencing increased flows in the Kings River.  As the Sierra Nevada snowpack continues to melt, additional water is being released from Pine Flat dam causing minor flooding at lower elevations along the Kings River in Tulare County.

Additional water releases have been announced for overnight on Thursday, June 22, 2017 and more water releases are possible over the next several days.  The Tulare County Fire Department, Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, Resource Management Agency, and Office of Emergency Services are continuing to monitor water levels in and around the Kings River.

Residents and visitors near the river are encouraged to monitor water levels and local media reports on additional water releases, as further minor flooding is possible with each water release from Pine Flat dam.

As a reminder, the Kings River continues to be closed for all recreational activity until further notice. An American Red Cross shelter is open at Reedley High School located at 740 W. North Ave. in Reedley for any residents who have been displaced by flooding.

Officials advise if you are experiencing flooding that is endangering life safety, please leave the area immediately and call 911.  If your residence is in danger of flooding, contact your local Tulare County fire station for information on sand bag materials.

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