Rep. Valadao, Community Leaders Discuss Need for Immigration Reform

On Thursday, United States Congressman David G. Valadao (CA-21) reaffirmed the need for a bipartisan solution and his commitment to pushing for legislative reforms to repair our broken immigration system. The event, a breakfast discussion in Fresno, California, was hosted by The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation in conjunction with

Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation President Dora Westerlund and Chairman Fausto Hinojosa delivered opening and closing remarks. The discussion with Congressman David G. Valadao was facilitated by Mark Delich, Director of Congressional Affairs at

The discussion focused on the importance of immigration reform to the United States and specifically, the Central Valley, with emphasis on potential legislative solutions and policies that fit the region. Topics ranged from the complexities of building border infrastructure to the critical role immigrant labor plays in the Central Valley agriculture industry.

During the discussion, Congressman Valadao reaffirmed the need to pass legislation to continue protecting DACA recipients from deportation. He explained the 47,000 DACA-eligible individuals living in the Kern, Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties are significant members of the local community.

Congressman David Valadao said, “Not only is immigration reform important to me personally, but it is extremely important to my Congressional District and our entire country. While we may not always agree on the best solution, we all share the common belief that our current system is not sustainable and that real solutions are needed.” He went on, “Immigration reform directly touches every life in the Central Valley and will have significant impacts on every American throughout our country. I continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle until a solution is reached.”

Dora Westerlund, President of the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation stated, “The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation has worked with business owners from all walks of life, including immigrant business owners. The innovation and ingenuity that our immigrant entrepreneurs display would only be amplified with reforms to the immigration system.” Westerlund continued, “We believe that our community will be strengthened with the passage of the BRIDGE Act, allowing DACA recipients to stay in the workforce. We applaud Representative Valadao for speaking out in support of immigrants and their contributions to the Central Valley region.”

Since being elected to Congress, Congressman Valadao has remained dedicated to reforming the broken immigration system of the United States. His personal connection to immigration, combined with the serious impact policy change will have on his constituents, have provided Valadao with a deep understanding of the issue, especially as it relates to agriculture and our guest worker program.

In 2013, Valadao was one of only three Republicans to support an immigration reform package, H.R. 15; the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. In 2015, he voted against a defense bill amendment which sought to block undocumented youth from serving in the military. Most recently, Valadao cosponsored H.R. 496, the Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy (BRIDGE) Act. In a letter sent earlier this month, Valadao urged President Donald Trump to collaborate with himself and others in Congress.

Congressman David G. Valadao represents the 21st Congressional District, which includes Kings County and portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern Counties.

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