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  1. I attended the forum. It is very hard to sit and hear your board members just out and out lie. The problem with liers is that they have to tell another one to cover the last one. Sherrie touts that she is a christian but one of the ten commandments is the shall not lie.

  2. Pipedown!! Obviously you have a hard time with the truth and where the hospital is headed under HCCA. That means a hospital with quality care and service and that is what citizens for accountability are afraid of.

    • Imwill,not piped own . I pay taxes to support this gang of thieves that run our hospital. Who are you to tell anyone that. Are you Hillary Clinton. I do know about our hospital not Sherri ‘ s and Benny ‘ s hospital.

  3. So after watching the video I called my Best friends dad who is a doctor at TRMC he said that Kevin Northcraft Lied to the whole audience. Doctors were not fired , but a group of doctors on the MEC were let go for not performing the duties expected of them. And those doctor still have privileges at that Hospital. WHY LIE MR NORTHCRAFT DID SOMEONE FORCE YOU TO LIE IS SOMEONE PAYING YOU TO LIE. BECAUE I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOULD LIE ABOUT THAT.

    TRMC needs to move forward and if you become part of that the hospital will fail. You don’t embrace anything that the hospital has done…Mrs Bell mentioned the cardiac Cath Lab and the new women’s clinic and the early detection of diabetes program.

    you had not one positive thing to say about any of that going on at a hospital you claim you want to represent .

    Mr Northcraft you belittle the staff with regards to their quality of care.

    Mr Northcraft your intentions are to destroy that hospital not make it better . With all the positives happening how could you be so negative??

  4. Did I hear it correct – Sherrie threatened that if we do not give her/them vote, they will drown this

    hospital into bankruptcy ?

  5. Mr Northcraft with your ill disregard for women and your cult like followers our community hospital does not need someone of your character sitting on any board let alone a hospital board. TRMC is doing just fine with out you. I believe Mrs Bell is right when she stated You will put the hospital in bankruptcy because you have NO PLAN!!


    • Not hardly moc2. A 1 star rating, the state on your tails again this past week in OB, laying off experienced staff, hiding out from board meetings. HCCA is a joke.

      Ms. Bell/Gadke crying about spending so much money on public requests and if they could “afford” to pay someone to dig through boxes, they would. So how are you profiting so much then? Quit paying Attorney Green $700/hr and hire someone to do the work at a reasonable rate.

      I especially loved that they admit a forensic audit is needed but costs too much $ at $500K. Are they afraid of what they will find out? You can shave that amount from Benzeevi and Germany alone in 1 year and they will still be making a boat load of money. Greedy HCCA!! WAKE UP TULARE.

  6. It was interesting to hear about all the great financial success the hospital is now enjoying. If this financial success is for real why the $800,000 line of credit to pay phamacy bills? Why are vendors demanding payment at the time of delivery? Why isn’t HCCA paying into the employer portion of the employee retirement? Wake up Sherry.

  7. It is unclear why Sherrie Bell is so naive. She is in overhead and just doesn’t realize it. Unless her personality is a facade and she does get what is happening.

  8. What do you think about what’s happening with the Cath lab and the Women’s pavilion and the Early Screening for diabetes and the new Omnecell? All of which were mentioned in the video.

    Wait….. I almost for got your running a Negative campaign so that wouldn’t interest you.

    Lets get down to the nitty-gritty of what your use to


    1. Fired from jobs
    2. Asked to leave another jobs
    ( could NOT get along with others)
    3. Comes and goes from city to city
    4. Not well liked as a city manager
    5 . Womanizer
    6. Massage Thereapist

    This is NOT who I want making decisions for my hospital in my community.

    Kevin Northcraft is a womanizer. A man who has no respect for women at all. I have heard you talk down to women many of times. I wouldn’t want you being connected to any part of my healthcare needs.

    • Fired from what jobs?
      Asked to jeave from what jobs?
      Is there a problem with him being a massage therapist?
      Womanizer? With whom?
      You are spreading some very vicious rumors, Have you considered professional counseling?

  9. Whenever I hear the word womanizer the first person I think of is Kevin Northcraft..

    Also does anyone know why Margee dropped out of the race.

  10. A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE STAFF OF TRMC FOR SAVING MY FRIEDNS CHILD. We know what you do is hard but we are so thankful for people like you.

  11. Deanne Martin Soares you stated you were a nurse at some point at TRMC and your rolls were ER, ICU House supervisor and Med Surg. How long did you last in each area to have the knowledge to make comment as you do.

    And if your behavior is anything like it was at the last board meet I for sure wouldn’t have wanted you to be mine or my families nurse.

  12. MOC2. OMG WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU! You must be think you are almighty to judge people like you do. Look in the mirror. I know you and you have no place to judge. You keep bringing up Kevin and women. Who gives a crap. That’s between him and his family. We are not recalling Kumar because of all his infidelity. You made us bring that up. We want someone that will fix the mess the hospital is in. Deanne is a good person with a big heart and love of life.(something you need). Worked with her. She was a great nurse. that was the reason she acted like that at the board meeting. Death of a great lady caused by the negligence of the hospital is sad, upsetting and downright disgusting. We can’t bring her back but we can stand up for her.
    Have a great day!

  13. I spoke with one of my good friends Joseph who was reluctant to talk to me but in the end we had a four hour conversation. He basically stated that if he would’ve known what he was signing up iwith in the beginning he would’ve never went on the site ( citizens for Hospital accountability) to support these people.

    He further expressed that he felt guilty knowing that the majority of information being spewed was false. He soon acknowledged and realized that this was nothing but sabotage from a bunch of
    Ex employees-board members & Doctors.

  14. For next 3 months, mission of my life will be to uproot this axis of evil – Kumar, Bell & Benny.

    I will be going to my friends in TLHCD district 3, presenting them with facts and encouraging them to sign the recall petition. I will recruit my friends to do the same. I will talk to my business clients and my relatives. I will stand outside pharmacies in district 3, I will go to Churches and talk to people.

    We need 1100 signatures. If each one of us can get 10 each, we can do it.

    I need Citizens for Hospital Accountability to post information online about
    1) Where we & other people can get a copy of recall petition to get signatures on.
    2) Any do’s & dont’s that we need to follow.
    3) Detailed map of district 3

    This Christmas season, my charity donation will be in the form of my service. I do not see any better way of serving God at this moment.

    It is very clear that we cannot get our hospital back until we get rid of HCCA. We cannot do that until we have control of the board. To have control of the board, we must recall Kumar.

  15. Care for Tulare :

    I think they believe your group is the evil ones . I hear around town that the Staff at TRMC does not support Kevin Northcraft or Mike Jamaica. That speaks volumes.

    Why would anybody want these two men on the board. This will create a dysfunctional hostile place to make decisions for this hospital. How can you have a functioning board when their main goal is to get rid of the management company and the remaining people on the board. I call that SABOTAGE by EX–doctors EX- board members and Ex- employees.

    • If I were Kevin I would hire a private investigator and once I learned who you are I would sue you for defamation of character. I have known Kevin for many years and I don’t believe he is a womanizer. I don’t know you but, judging by what you post, I am wondering if you might have psychology problems.

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