5 thoughts on “Tulare Local Healthcare District Loan Documents

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  1. These documents clearly show that Chairman Sherrie Bell and Vice Chairman, Dr. Parmod Kumar blatantly lied to the public during the Special Board meeting on September 1, 2016. Their actions are arbitrary, capricious and inconsistent with the Code of Ethical Conduct. They can no longer be trusted to be Trustees of our hospital governing board.

  2. When Sherrie Bell claimed she didn’t sign the disbursement and promissory note until mid-September, she has yet to explain why she signed it at all because it is completely contrary to the item described at the September 1st meeting. This is so deceptive and only highlights the lack of transparency and accountability of HCCA and the current Board.

  3. Sad to say that our board has sunk so low that they have no problem with lying anymore. Problem with lying you have to tell another to cover the last one.

  4. Wait, you guys before said the only problem was that she signed the document prior to the meeting, now that that has been proven as a lie you are claiming other things. I thought Kevin might have been ok until he said he was going to put the old MEC back in place, you know the ones that plummeted the quality of the hospital in the first place. Why does this newspaper not print both sides? I mean Northcraft being supported mainly by x board members. One who got sued for not paying her employees seems like a news to me.

    • During the years of greed and self-serving agendas I have been attacked for speaking up. Your attacks are exactly what Kumar’s engine, whomever it is at that time, will do. That is why on our Citizens page some of the administrators are not identified.

      You can attack me as an individual or as a business person but it still will not change the facts of this situation.

      We have a public district funded, that means you and I, hospital that has been abused by mismanagement and greed since 2007. The blame is on other past board members, which I was one of. I can assure you of one thing at least 6 past board members, that knew the inside have a difference of opinion on what has occurred and what is occurring.

      But let’s disregard that and just go with present items. You have a board that doesn’t have a clue. They are jeopardizing quality and good stewardship to maintain profitability. The number of clinical lawsuits are indicative of this as well as other measurements.

      The way the board is and has conducted public business has been secretive and decitful, this was evident during measure I and continues as evidenced in these attachments. As a community many of us are standing up and saying enough.

      The utilization of the hospital by the community is deplorable and without improvement supporting new debt of any kind will be difficult.

      The alienation of the medical staff was an unhealthy move. It has been 9 months and it has yet to be seen that there is an increase in medical staff quality, if anything the opposite has seemed to have happened.

      So continue to attack us for having a different reality perception. We would prefer that we discuss facts about TRMC and not a labor law change that was 2.9% of my business. Or a candidate that it’s trained to be a massage therapist, big deal. But I have known since 2006 that this is what happens to people that speak up – happened to the head of Utilization Review back then and many others, including a CEO. At this point the community is seeing through the attacks.

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