Tulare Hospital Board Meeting Erupts in Controversy Over $800,000 Loan

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Michael Lampe, a Visalia attorney pursuing multiple cases against the Tulare Local Healthcare District, holds up a document showing the TLHCD authorized the disbursement of its $800,000 line of credit to a pharmaceutical company. Tony Maldonado/Valley Voice
Michael Lampe, a Visalia attorney pursuing multiple cases against the Tulare Local Healthcare District, holds up a blown-up document showing an authorization to disburse the district’s $800,000 line of credit to a pharmaceutical company. Tony Maldonado/Valley Voice

UPDATE: A statement from the “Sherrie Bell for Hospital Board” Facebook page has stated that the August 29 date on a loan agreement referred to below was “is the date that the bank prepared the document[,] not the date it was signed.” It also states that Bell actually signed the document in “mid September.”

Even by the standards of recent Tulare Local Healthcare District meetings, Tuesday’s meeting was heated — almost made for television. And, since this show lacked commercial interruptions, it only lasted nine minutes — with board member Dr. Parmod Kumar and Healthcare Conglomerate Associates CEO Benny Benzeevi absent.

While the agenda was only to meet with legal counsel in closed session, local governments are still required to allow public comment on any agenda item — allowing some opponents of the board time to speak about items on the closed session agenda, which included a recently filed suit against the district, and a Public Records Act suit filed by Deanne Martin-Soares and Emily Yenigues.

Michael Lampe, who is representing various plaintiffs in those two suits against the district, spoke first. In his comments, he revealed that the board had used a recently-approved $800,000 line of credit, in its entirety, to pay a pharmaceutical company.

Almost immediately after Lampe started his remarks, Bruce Greene, contracted counsel for the District, and Sherrie Bell, Chairman/President of the TLHCD Board, attempted to prevent Lampe from speaking. Greene, by speakerphone, stated that his remarks didn’t relate to the agenda, as required at special meetings. Bell repeated that statement.

Lampe retorted, stating that his comments were indeed related to items on the agenda, and spoke about the September 1 special board meeting, in which the Board the line of credit. Lampe held documents in his hand, published below, that discredit statements that the board would bring any use of those funds to a vote.

“Here’s how Dr. Kumar described it. I’ve got a certified transcript of his remarks on September 1,” Lampe said. “‘This particular resolution, and, it is just a line of credit’ — that is not true. I’ve got the note. I’ll show it to anybody here, and it’s going to be uploaded on the Valley Voice. It’s a term note — it’s not a line of credit. It’s payable in 20 monthly installments of 20,000, plus accrued interest.”

“‘So if we do spend this money, they will bring that item to the board, to be voted on by the board, to be spent on a particular item,'” Lampe said, quoting Kumar again. “That is not true. I’ve got the disbursement authorization. I’ve blown it up, so everybody can see it. This is the disbursement authorization on the $800,000 loan. This was signed by Chairwoman Bell. It directs the entire $800,000, every nickel, to be sent to Cardinal Pharmaceuticals.”

“And what’s really amazing about this, is this disbursement request and authorization for the $800,000: this was dated August 29, 2016,” Lampe said, as multiple audience members said ‘oh my god.’ One laughed.

Page 19 of Line-of-Credit-Documents
Contributed to DocumentCloud by Tony Maldonado (Valley Voice Newspaper) • View document or read text

The documents cited by Lampe, available below, call into question Greene’s response to a September 7 Public Records Act request by the Voice, asking for all documents relating to the line of credit referenced at the September 1 meeting. Greene did not send the Voice the full set of documents that Lampe referenced, instead only turning over the “Governmental Certificate” that was made public at the September 1 meeting. His response to the Voice‘s request is available below.

Lampe used the subject of the loan to segue to his next point: that members of the board, excluding Laura Gadke, are scheduled to be deposed in his office next week. He was interrupted by Bell — again acting upon Greene’s advice — who told Lampe not to address the board members individually.

“This is ridiculous,” Lampe said. “You’re paying that man $730 an hour, and he thinks I’m talking about a different lawsuit.”

“It’s not on the agenda, Mr. Lampe,” Greene says from the speakerphone.

Lampe continued after some quarreling between the two.

“Now, your lawyers, they’re really nervous about this — they don’t want you to come into my office, because if you do, you’re going to have to testify under oath to all of this, or, possibly take the…” Lampe said, before Greene stated that his four minutes was up.

“Sherrie, this is nonsense,” Greene said, before giving Lampe 30 more seconds.

“Okay, here’s the 30 seconds’ worth. Your lawyers have threatened to go to court and try to get an order stopping this deposition. It’s not gonna happen. Your lawyers are nervous; I get it, I understand that. But don’t waste taxpayer money on this motion, because you’re gonna lose this motion,” Lampe said, ending his statements as Bell used her gavel to indicate his time was up. “The right thing to do is to raise your right hand, tell the truth, and swear to tell the truth, and do precisely that. You owe this to the public.”

“Thank you for your advice,” Greene said.

Alberto Aguilar, a former Bond Oversight Committee member and local activist, followed Lampe to comment. Aguilar excoriated the board for not following the recommendations of the Tulare County Grand Jury’s recommendations in its ‘Tower of Shame’ report, relating that to the current Public Records Act suit.

“This has nothing to do with the business,” Bell told Aguilar.

“Yes it does, Sherrie, if you let me finish, stop interrupting me, I don’t interrupt you when you talk, let me finish talking,” Aguilar said.

“How is it not reasonable to comply with the laws of the State of California,” Aguilar asked. “Didn’t you take an oath when you were sworn into office that you would obey and uphold the laws of the state.”

“Sherrie, shut him down,” Greene told Bell.

“Sit down, Alberto,” Bell said, talking over the rest of Aguilar’s statement. “Security, escort him out.”

“In my opinion, you’re a disgrace to the residents of the hospital district,” Aguilar said as the guard at the meeting walked towards him, video of which is available above. “All right — I’m gonna sit down.”

Audio from the meeting, the Voice’s September records request, and the documents referenced by Lampe are available below.

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  1. These guys are digging a hole for themselves and it’s almost funny but it’s not. Deception, deceit, and lying comes easy to them.

  2. It is difficult to believe that we Tulareans have permitted these low lifes to to get such a hold on our hospital. Our only hope is to vote Bell and Gadke out, recall Kumar and hope we can reclaim our hospital. VOTE!!!

    • It’s sad that you believe the lies. Gadke and Bell are two of the finest businesswomen we know. They are both honest and we are positive they are what’s best for our future.

  3. I feel like I need a back massage is Kevin Northcraft available. I really need a hands on kinda of guy. I hope he’s better at rubbing people as a massage therapist then he was as city manager. What a joke.

    • Who are you? The board just blatantly lied about this line of credit and this is your response? Sad part is now we’re on the hook for another $20k a month in expenses. What a ridiculous remark about Mr. Northcraft!

      This board should do the right thing and just all resign at one time before they all go to jail. Oh, and maybe they should all show up for the board meeting instead of hiding out at the allied bldg at TRMC waiting for their closed session. You are a coward Dr Kumar!

      • Pkom, Maybe you should of ran, you seem to have a lot to say . Why is that? Maybe you were already on the Board and didn’t do your job.

    • The last thing I need to do is justify anything about Kevin Northcraft to you, but your statement above is so shockingly ignorant…even more so because you’re a health professional. Kevin has had a lot of interests and hobbies in his retirement. He was a massage practitioner and do you know who his clients (he only had a few) were? His first client was a friend from our Lions Club. She was in her 80’s and in end of life care. Her doctor recommended massage for relaxation. Her husband couldn’t transport her and asked if Kevin could come to their home and provide her with that relief….I don’t find anything wrong with that type of compassion and if you do then maybe you’re in the wrong profession.

      • And, what does that have to do with the story above that clearly shows that Sherrie Bell authorized the disbursement of $800,000 to Cardinal Pharmaceuticals without Board authorization. The only action on the line of credit was a motion by Dr. Kumar that clearly states that any disbursement would be brought back to the board for approval. At what meeting was that approval given…..

  4. I can’t believe how shady TRMC has become! Glad I don’t work there any more. (I left there almost five years ago for different reasons.) Something needs to be done about this mess.

  5. These Board Members need to be in jail. They are mezmerized by the Benzeevi and Kumar Kool-Aid. Sherri Bell needs to resign.The unethical election tactics of the phone polls slandering Kevin Northcraft is as low as pig slop. They lie, spread deceit, silence the people whom they supposedly were elected to represent (oh yeah Bell was not elected) and think us country bumpkins will by their spiel.

    People the normal tenure of a city manager is 5 years. Research it. They serve at the will of the city council. Former City Manager Darrel Pyle who proceeded Kevin went on to Coalinga and now Hanford. Tulare progressed under Kevin’s direction and he personally addressed a traffic issue that I contacted him about. As to his retirement it was set by the City Council under which he served, he also had to contribute to it and yes he pays federal and state taxes on it. He and his family became involved in Tulare. His children were in Encore Theater with my children attended Tulare Schools and his wife became involved with the community. Funny that the phone poll does not mentioned that he has chosen to live in Tulare. If he did not care for it would he live here? If you think HCCA is not behind this slander check out Moreno Valley. Who do you think is paying for the poll follow the money trail it never lies. If Bell was truly ethical she should demand that the slanderous poll be stopped immediately!! As I learned in a law class Ignorance Is No Excuse. I find Kevin to be a man of integrity and he cares about Tulare. If you want a conflict of interest whose family member is employed by HCCA and is president of the board? This mess with TDH lies truly in the present boards lap. Tulare wake up and retake our TDH.

    • People that worked under or with Kevin Northcraft said that they don’t support Kevin because he WASN’T a good city manager. He talked of Visalia at the debate last night, then go there and destroy them, and leave Tulare alone. If you add up the local years you were here to work for OUR city , it wasn’t the “local 32 years” you lied about on your paper you’re passing out in neighborhoods. Some people are saying that Sherry is a puppet. You’re a puppet. Who’s feeding you your information? How about the $3 million you think needs to be taken from HCCA. Your bright idea is to have that $ finish the tower. That will take another 10 years, and we don’t have that kind of time. We need OUR hospital now!

  6. I bet Mr Northcraft only charges 60.00 an hour massage. When you leave at least you feel the better. Mr Greene charges 730.00 an hour and has nothing to show for it. He truly is costing the hospital money. Myopioncouts2 you are the joke, trying to defend this corruption with proof. Why weren’t you there tonight defending them

  7. Wow, Sherri Bell cannot even think or speak for herself. Only says what an attorney tells her…an attorney who does NOT even represent the hospital. Notice the video…a 300 pound guard was going to evict a 110 pound man for speaking his mind at a board meeting. I hope this video goes viral.

  8. Sherrie proved my point.

    She is not smart enough to do anything on her own.

    She is a puppet.

    Puppet masters are Benny & Kumar.

    We cannot touch Benny

    The only thing we can do to save this hospital is to recall Kumar

  9. If Benny offers Kevin & Mike to become consultant for one of his brother’s companies & get paid 1 million dollars, do you think they will not sell their soul?

    Recalling Kumar is the only option that will work.

  10. Sherrie can still save herself by making a deal from DOJ to become government witness and reveal all the truth.

    She might even get paid a bunch of millions if she initiates a qui tam lawsuit – just like the old CFO did in 2007.

    • The only reason the old CFO got paid so much is because Kumar did not want any defense. There was more to that story but CFO was used by Kumar and he didn’t want the truth coming out. He does what he always does – use the District coffers as his own to pay off whomever he needs to so misdeeds stay covered up. The reason HCCA was created, the reason Sherrie was used so Bolouki could be brought back and the reason the last 3 Chiefs of Staff had to be taken out. Who knows how many before that. Many more of his causalites along the way, imagine what would happen if they all started coming forward.

      • I know.

        If case had gone on, details had come out about all the TDH owned land plots sold to him & other doctors for pennies on the dollar.

        Medical complex on Cherry Street was all TDH property.
        People should check county records how much these doctors bought them for. The most premium front plot (the one not yet built on) is owned by Kumar.

        Corruption has been going on for a long long time.

        • CMiller…….the first time yes that was the board.
          But ask yourself, why and how did Sherrie Bell know so much before she was seated in a special meeting December 5 2012. (She said it was Jan 2 2013 at her forum in the school cafeteria)
          How did she know to cancel the forensic audit that Kamboj Smith and McPhedrige had set up to do on the hospital itself and operations and the Tower project?
          How did she know to fire the new attorneys that Kamboj Smith and McPhedrige hired who would have overseen the audit process?
          And why did she rehire Bolouki and keep him for another 8-9 months while Dr Kumar praised him at the oversight committee meetings? It’s in the minutes….he was doing such a great job. Sherrie also said at the forum that Bolouki was one of the worst CEO’s the hospital ever hired. There were about 45 people there.
          She knew she was on the board when no one filed to run against her….she just had to wait till the seat was vacant. Did she meat with any of the board members? There are reasons to stop an audit…..when you don’t want to get caught doing something wrong.
          2012 was the year that some over charges and over payments were discovered. Dr Kamboj and Dr Smith made arrangements to pay their part back. Dr Kumar didn’t and he still hasn’t. VTD reported in May 2013 that amount was $1.3 million. Now would that be a reason to stop an audit of the hospital? If you look at the chart Benzeevi shows of loses and profits, guess what? That’s the same time frame.

    • so you do admit there was problems before now? 2007 was during Deanne Soares time, right? The history of TDH has a long standing history of bad decisions before HCCA. Bob Montion, Kevin Shimimoto and Sean Baluki are just to name a few of the problems.

      • Hey, Bob Montion was an upstanding guy who was doing the right thing.
        Did you know the hospital started out with $24-25 million before the bond?
        That makes with the $85 million bond, $110 M…..The hospital foundation showed a 10 million donation, so that brought it to $120 M….just about enough to finish it all!
        The ineptness of allowing the designs to stand, because there’s been nothing but changes being done which you know on any type of building just raises the costs really high, but our Construction Manager Dr Benzeevi continues to waste money. Betcha didn’t know that HCCA gets everything they put into this project back. It’s a Resolution the hospital board passed before the bond measure was voted on. The bond money was going to go right back into the pocket of HCCA.

      • and why would you blame Deanne Soares? Fact: She wasn’t being given all records before the meetings like they are supposed to. The financials was her specialty and she wasn’t receiving them. Asking and asking finally just made her end up getting sick!
        So that is what this hospital does….You should look at who has been on that board this whole time and who knows the most and who has the most to lose for his misdeeds.
        When Dr Kumar first came into town he was a decent Dr. Now he has let the mighty $$ corrupt himself. Kinda sad.

  11. OMG!!!!! The whole board is corrupt like crazy! I hope these people get jail time for this. Breaking the law set forth by the Grand Jury?! What’s the point of government if they are just going to screw the citizens anyways?! Absolutely ridiculous. All of it! Get rid of them all. Who’s in for a stoning of these criminals in the middle of town… Zumwalt Park?

    • I think the only corrupt person is Kumar.
      All others are moron puppets looking for a framed certificate in their hallway & fell for his charm.

  12. If I were Sherri, this is what I would be thinking:

    1) What are my odds of winning?
    Ans: probably close to zero

    2) If I lose, will Benny & Kumar discard me like plague?
    Ans: I should may be check with those who were loyal to him and what happened to them once he had no use for them – eg Paulette Carpenter, Pat Matheson, Sharon Fong, Robert Hernandez,

    3) If they discard me, what will be the odds of them guarding the secrets which – if come out – could send me to jail.
    Ans: probably very low

    4) If I have to defend myself against government lawsuits, how much will it cost?
    probably very very high cost

    5) What will I do if I lose those DOJ lawsuits?
    Ans: probably no choice but to accept the sentence

    What to do.
    What to do.

    Should I go to DOJ now and may be have a reduced sentence?
    Ans: I should discuss with a good attorney – no, not the Greene. I need someone who works for me.

  13. I think I want to start a fund to raise money to compensate Mr Lampe for his loss of income that he is facing due to time spent fighting for our cause.

    I would rather pay him than any of the politicians.

  14. Valley Voice states…
    How is it not reasonable to comply with the laws of the State of California,” Aguilar asked. “Didn’t you take an oath when you were sworn into office that you would obey and uphold the laws of the state.”

    Aguilar that is an excellent question. I’m guessing you are asking this to the previous MEC right. Who the STATE OF CALIFORNIA STATED WAS NOT DOING THEIR JOB. They were not complying with the laws of the state of California. Or do you not care about the actions of these doctors because some of them are the puppet masters to whom you answer.

    • That’s a straight up lie. Look at the CMS report, it states the “governing board didn’t do their job”.

      That is not the MEC but the current board of directors for TRMC

    • Alberto has been standing up for years on all of this, even during the time that said “doctors” were on the board. If you knew him you would know he is own man. By the way this movement is not being directed by anyone person and definitely not by doctors.

  15. On Sherrie Bell for hospital board facebook page, she is now claiming she signed the document mid September. Does it matter? When was this brought before the public before the funds were spent? There was no financial report at the last “scheduled” board meeting and at the special board meeting of 9/1, Kumar directly states it will be brought before the board before it’s spent. Sorry Sherrie, you still made an illegal move. Don’t you think there is a reason Kumar never signs anything?

  16. Lisa Duh!!! You are correct the Board should have stopped asking the MEC to Do their job and perform their duties as they were expected to do . Instead The State told the board. YOU GET RID OF THE MEC WHO IS NOT DOING THEIR JOB OR WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN… Either way Lisa they were removed for not doing their job. Lol. You can twist anyway you want. I read the report to its online.

    • Lisa Duh!! Did you read the entire CMS report that I did online. Quit lying on this site!! How is it the MEC and medical staff were changed before this report came out? Your comments are all completely invalid.

  17. I think Dr Patel and Dr Kamboj need to go to. I think all these doctors are guilt. Maybe they can go make another City miserable leave ours alone .

  18. “The document was not signed by Sherrie Bell until mid September, that date that you are claiming is the date that the bank prepared the document not the date it was signed. Please try to remember that this page is for actual questions and not inflammatory accusations.”

    How ridiculous. This is how you guys operate….. you guys take some truth and mix in a lot of lies, and then brand it as all truths!

    • SamMyG, thanks for the update. I’ve added it to the story. Unfortunately I’m not plugged into the Sherrie Bell page, but this serves to remind me to set up notifications.

      I do take issue with your characterization as “you guys take some truth and mix in a lot of lies, and then brand it as all truths!” when the article is a recap of the meeting, with the bank documents attached for people to make their own judgements.

      • Tony…..he took something off Sherrie Bells FB page and placed it here.
        SamMyG has gotten the Yes and NO side mixed up.
        So I was looking up some information on loans and funding…..they don’t date the docs until they are ready to be signed. The bank Loan Officer also signed the docs.
        That kinda blows what his statement is.
        Also, most loans close at the end of the month so the Bank can bundle. They make more off them by doing this.

    • SamMyG: please tell me at which board meeting did the board vote on disbursing $800,000 of public money to Cardinal Pharmaceuticals. The only vote taken by the board was to approve an $800,000 line of credit. Within the motion Dr. Kumar said any disbursement would be brought back to the board for approval….that never happened.

  19. SamMYG you completely missed the point. First the document dated the 29th specifically states that the “loan” (not line of credit) is for the purchase of pharmacuticals (sic). second, the Board promised to bring any money spent to the Board first and third, Sherrie DID sign to authorize the disbursement. So pick any date you want, She cannot be trusted

  20. Lisa the State told the board the MEC was not doing their job.

    So that says to me this group of doctors on the MEC are incompetent. I think that sums it up. Twist it anyway you want to. Whatever makes you happy but in the end THE MEC WAS NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Your missing the point. Call the state maybe you need to hear them say it to you.

  21. If anyone can not be trusted it was the old MEC. Nurses relied on them to do their job and make good decisions. Multiple complaints were submitted to the MEC regarding physician accountability. Failed attempts for the MEC to listen to nurses left patients vulnerable to injury and all those Doctors new it. Those doctors should never be let back in TRMC they are dangerous. Nurses counted on them to do their job yet in reality they were plotting against the hospital.

    • So you are saying that MEC was responsible for
      1- giving away 3 million dollar a year to Benny – and he does not even have any responsibility in hosp

      2- signing a contract not allowing our representative in a hospital that is owned by us

      3- forcing Benny Kumar Bell to lie that hosp will close if we dont pay up another 55 million $$

      4- telling the board to not release documents & not be accountable

      5- telling Sherrie to lie about the purpose of $800,000 loan

      6- firing employees, not matching their 401K, not paying vendors, not getting premises clean, not fixing water leakage, not installing fire alarms

      Your logic is annoying as they are so mis-directed.
      MEC did not guide/tell/force the board for any of its actions.

      Recalling Kumar is not equal to bringing back Dr Pradeep Kamboj & Dr Anil Patel.
      These 2 doctors have not set foot in hospital since Dec 2012 – how can they be responsible for everything happening in Tulare ??

      Dr Kumar & party can do better and hire propaganda artists with IQ more than 70.

  22. MEC stands for Medical Executive Committee. It is the peer “elected” body of the hospital’s medical staff. Their responsibility is to make sure new doctors meet all the requirements for credentialing, making sure appropriate peer review is happening and that physcisn behavior meets the standards of the bylaws. It is the checks and balances of physician performance within the organization.

    Dr. Kumar has had difficulty with this process for years, no matter who is in the role. Why is that, because every physician is bad except him? No, because he has problems in meeting the requirements as stated above to be on the medical staff. These include medical errors, sexual harassment behavior and violent outbursts. So it is clear – the MEC oversees the behavior within the hospital. What he does in his personal life is his own business.

    For years he has preyed on many female employees at TRMC. His violent outbursts have been witnessed by many, including patients and family members, he perforates bowels much higher than average GI doctors and on top of all that he uses his position on the board to get what he wants. This includes retaliation against physicians that speak up within the MEC, this includes termination of nurses through the years that brought forth performance issues and if you are or were a medical records employee he loved to get chummy with that staff because he needs them to protect against his screw-ups. Over many years there have been multiple attempts of an electronic medical record, most failed – why is that. Probably because electronic will be difficult to hide. For customers in the community he caterers to them, especially those that are prominent in the community. He has been known to let people stay in the hospital for long periods of time with no justifiable diagnosis, many times hospital will not get paid for those long stays. But his patients feel special, all on taxpayer dime.

    He never owns any issue, blame is always elsewhere. His leadership or lack thereof for the last 20 is what has ran TRMC into the ground. Removing him from the board is the only possible salvation for TRMC if it is not too late since it sounds like all assets have been plundered.

  23. So it seems MEC was trying to do their job and was about to take disciplinary action against him. He had to get MEC gone or be suspended from working at the hospital.
    Is that so?

    He concocted a story with Benny. When CMS came for survey – guess who were the 2 doctors who were made available to answer CMS questions – Kumar & Benny.
    So they said what they needed to say to get a report that they got – which they used as excuse to eliminate MEC – against the state laws.

    Is that correct?

  24. Myopinioncounts2. Why are you so focused on the old MEC? I get you claim they were bad and one reason being they wouldn’t allow dr gill to have privilages at TRMC and when a letter is presented instead of giving proof the information in it isn’t accurate your group (I say your group because I believe I read in one of these threads you quoted it) claim it’s a fake. Let’s say I believe you that the letters a fake well that doesn’t mean dr gill wasn’t allowed privilages. A fake letter can have real information just like a real letter can have false information. Instead prove to me dr gill didn’t have privilages. Because guess what I know he did surgeries at TRMC. Besides the issue at hand is that the board, dr Kumar more specifically, is completely misleading the public. Let’s say Bell signed it mid September. It was still always known the full amount would be given to the pharmaceutical company. Showing the public that TRMC probably isn’t in the great financial shape it pretends to be.

  25. Also come January I wonder how HCCA is going to explain their losses when reimbursement gets reduced. Look up SB 239. Probably Blame it on Kevin and Mike when they get elected by a landslide.

  26. That almost sounds like the talk around town about Kevin Northcraft and his love affair.

    I’ve never heard any of these issues about Dr Kumar until this Cult like group came about. You people have no respect for anyone not even yourselves. This cult like group has made a deal with the devil.

    • Actually, you can ask most anyone around hosp about his mistress and you will get the info.

      I know her. I know her cars, her home address, her phone number etc

      But I am not going to reveal it here. She may be a mistress but that does not give me any right to breach her privacy.

  27. MO2. You keep bringing up Kevin. Is that because you have nothing better to think of? I believe the talk around town is the person on the board who has had multiple affairs and even a son to prove it. Money and power is the devil here and you appear to be one of the followers.

  28. MOC2 i find it interesting that in one breath you can talk completely disrespectfully about someone and can be so prejudice towards them. And then in the next breath say everyone who opposes you is part of a cult, or acts like a cult, and that we have no respect for anyone. Please take a look in the mirror. i judge Sherrie Bell by her actions as a board member. She and Kumar deceived the public in the meeting on sept 1 when they acted as though the credit/loan wouldn’t be used until voted by the board when in reality it had already been decided. Also bringing boluki back was a huge mistake that cost millions. Signing the contract when there were other options, although I don’t know the details of those other options, was a mistake. Especially when the company didn’t even exist yet. Supposedly exhausting all avenues to getting the tower finished and claiming that unless the bond passes, a bond that was for more than just the tower, the hospital will close. Yet now the hospital isnt closed and their looking into other options. Interesting…

  29. Benny is the chief thief.
    Kumar had to let him steal a public hospital in exchange for his help to destroy evidences that could send Kumar to jail – sexual harassment, medicare fraud, stark law violation, anti-competition law violations, unsafe medical practice etc etc.

    But we cannot touch Benny until we control the board.

    We cannot control the board until Kumar is out.

    so, recalling Kumar is the top priority now.

    Step 1 was to defeat measure I – that cut off their supply

    Step 2 is to recall Kumar

    Step 3 is to take control of board

    Step 4 is to annul contract with HCCA.

    It is a long fight to get our hospital back but there is no other choice but to fight & take it back.
    HCCA will squeeze every penny out of it, mortgage all assets and then leave for his nice retirement.

  30. Prosecuted for what you have no clue what you’re talking about you’re absolutely clueless. I live in this community and that’s my hospital too. I am very happy with the progression since HCCA took over. You people are aweful.

    • moc2 you are just babbling. Don’t you get it, KUMAR is the center of all corruption and unrest. Your mom, Brian, or Kimberly or Teresa, whoever you are is just going to be the fall guy. Corruption has to end.

      • I agree Lisa and I’m most confident that your doctor friends will go down too.

        I wholeheartedly believe that when people do bad and people are evil that bad and evil surround them. How’s that working for you so far.

        • Has nothng to do with me or working/not working for me. The only evil is the doctor on the current board and the doctor that thinks he knows how to run a management company for the hospital. So I guess your friend Sherrie would have to answer that one.



    • It’s all a facade………They want more money! Why do you think the bond said what it did. It didn’t say they would only use as much as they needed on finishing the tower and give the rest back, like they stated in their board meeting, and well we all know a bond does not work that way in the first place. There is no giving back what you don’t use. Yes…our board (Benzeevi) said that. They were asking for way over the amount because in the HCCA contract it states that if the first bond is paid off, 2005A drawn off Evolutions, HCCA can start profit sharing…..and that is, please make sure you are sitting down……95% to HCCA and 5% to the district.
      Did you know that the District is still paying all the employees? HCCA isn’t paying but maybe 3 people…Samantha Bland, Kathleen (forgot her last name) the public relations gal, and Benzeevi. The CFO who is also doing the COO’s job has a totally separate contract. $39,000 monthly plus $10,000 expense acct. since he lives in Arizona and flies out!
      Maybe you should read some documents, minutes and get yourself up to speed.

  32. For next 3 months, mission of my life will be to uproot this axis of evil – Kumar, Bell & Benny.

    I will be going to my friends in TLHCD district 3, presenting them with facts and encouraging them to sign the recall petition. I will recruit my friends to do the same. I will talk to my business clients and my relatives. I will stand outside pharmacies in district 3, I will go to Churches and talk to people.

    We need 1100 signatures. If each one of us can get 10 each, we can do it.

    I need Citizens for Hospital Accountability to post information online about
    1) Where we & other people can get a copy of recall petition to get signatures on.
    2) Any do’s & dont’s that we need to follow.
    3) Detailed map of district 3

    This Christmas season, my charity donation will be in the form of my service. I do not see any better way of serving God at this moment.

    It is very clear that we cannot get our hospital back until we get rid of HCCA. We cannot do that until we have control of the board. To have control of the board, we must recall Kumar.

  33. Care for Tulare :

    I think they believe your group is the evil ones . I hear around town that the Staff at TRMC does not support Kevin Northcraft or Mike Jamaica. That speaks volumes.

    Why would anybody want these two men on the board. This will create a dysfunctional hostile place to make decisions for this hospital. How can you have a functioning board when their main goal is to get rid of the management company and the remaining people on the board. I call that SABOTAGE by EX–doctors EX- board members and Ex- employees.

  34. dys·func·tion·al
    not operating normally or properly.
    See: “Tulare Regional Medical Center”

    The long, sad decline of this community resource has hit bottom. The current players are responsible for their own contributions to the mess, but are just the latest act in a play that should have ended years ago. I applaud Mike J and Kevin N for being willing to try to improve things, though I am concerned that they must be crazy to attempt it. There will surely be nothing but enmity for whoever is nearby when the inevitable disaster is concluded. No matter that many of those who played a part in getting things where they are will have long left the scene.
    Good luck, y’all. You’ll need it.

  35. myopi
    you will get the hospital you deserve.
    Unfortunately many of those who dont deserve such will also be stuck with it.
    Over long term, it would mean people preferring to not live in Tulare – leaving behind who cannot afford to leave – much different future.

    Brian Bell will pay for his mother’s sins.

  36. MyOpioncounts2 is employed by TRMS not as a nurse as an assistant. By the way Kumar has a love child and that has been know for years, so why is it okay for him to have an affair and you are ok with it. We all know that doctors+nurses+hospital staff always equal affairs no matter what hospital. You need to be careful of slandering Mr. Northcraft because if you don.t have proof on paper or picture could equal time off to go to court. Why are so ANGRY with certain doctors, is it because they never tried to pick up on you. VOTE for Kevin & Mike they CAN NOT SCREW UP THE HOSPITAL ANYMORE THAN IT ALREADY IS.

    • I think it’s great that you think that.
      It makes my day that you are so uneducated. I think you are an angry hostile follower of a cult. May God bless you.

  37. It’s About Change

    My family has been in Tulare for 81 years. Both sets of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I along with my sibling and cousins were born at TDH. Two of my 3 children were born there also. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends took there last breathes at TDH. My family members are laid to rest in a portion of Tulare Cemetery. They attended Tulare Schools, graduated from Union or Western as I did. I grew up on the west side of Tulare. My children attended and graduated from Tulare Union and Western. I am proud to say that they are all college graduates Two with Masters Degrees and one with a Doctorate. Two have chosen to return to Tulare for their careers and to raise family. My parents, relatives, cousins, choose to stay here for their careers and retire here also. Many relatives and friends have been employed and retired from TDH. So what am I leading to is CHOICES.

    The recent turmoil at TDH is the choice of the leadership of the present board. They choose HCCA to manage TDH, the bond for 55 million, lack of transparency, and failed leadership. I have friends whom were terminated in the recent round of HCCA layoffs and can tell you they booted good, decent, dedicated, people, who chose TDH for a career and they also gave back to Tulare. My family has supported TDH since it’s inception. I have and still do sit on Boards and yes at the time we thought we made a good choice on an issue or selecting a person and then realized we made a bad choice . We then made the sometimes difficult decision that we needed to change direction.

    Sadly I can say since HCCA took over we will no longer support them as we now go to KDDH for our medical care. Yes, by choice. My two adult children and their spouses go to KDDH for their care and my first grandchild was born at KDDH, by choice.

    Oh yes I did give HCCA a chance for the care of my mother for a procedure. I was there with her and was in complete dismay at what I saw. A dirty front lobby entrance, dirty grounds, and to top it off a dirty procedure bathroom. This was all under Benny’s watch. Choice my parents will no longer go to TDH. And yes with the advance life support capabilities offered by Lifestar Ambulance I am fully at ease having them transported to KDDH for care by choice.

    If the 2 incumbents truly care about the direction that TDH is heading under HCCA all they have to do is with their 2 votes and a third be it Torres, Wilbourn, or Kumar is to rescind the HCCA contract, obtain another but reputable management provider say Adventist, Mercy, Methodist, Baptist or even find an administrator that can. I ain’t holding my breathe on that one. But it is a choice.

    Another choice is to seek another provider for medical care. You do not have to be forced to TDH by HCCA for your medical care nor do you have to seek doctors that are on the current Board or their family members for care. Choices.

    If the Board will not reverse decisions. Choice: Replace them. If you can not recall them. Choice: Do not seek their care. You are not bound to them because you live in Tulare as sadly as that makes me feel. No Patients= No Income. The Choices are yours Tulare.

  38. Tulare Hospital has become way more dangerous place since HCCA took over – extreme cost cutting, firing good staff, pissing off medical staff – all have had its toll.

    • Your wrong the staff there is great smart and educated. Sometimes older employees have a harder time moving on with technology and education suck as BSN Masters and FNP type items.

      Our Nurses was around 30 had a BSN and was on top of my family memebers care. So you statement don’t hold water.

      • Your Uneducated
        HCCA didn’t do anything just blame the Staff like you people always do . They have nothing to do with the $85 million dollar bond. TRMC has always been hanging on by a thread as a public hospitals no one has ever came in a stood out like HCVA has to me and my family. Your uneducated you want people to believe that one man has done all this. That is laughable

  39. Crisis before HCCA was a manufactured one – so an excuse can be made & people can be convinced for take over by HCCA.

    It was manufactured by Shawn Bolouki at the behest of the big boss. It was done by way of ridiculously expensive contracts with NextGen, Surgery Robot, Urology services etc etc.

    Shawn was a puppet and did whatever pleased his master – that vindication cost hospital loss of business from Tulare community clinic, Dr Hong, Dr Patel, Dr Kamboj and many others.
    Good doctors like Dr Lee & Dr Kesava retired or left town

    One person’s ego & greed has brought Tulare to this point.
    If Tulare people can still not get rid of him, they sure deserve the hospital they will get.

    • Those doctors you speake of are the problem with Tulare. Let them move on and as for the care our family is always treated well.

      Dwayne please by all means use KDDH. Yet, I encourage you to read all the State of California report on patients death.

  40. My doctor at Hillman clinic has not been paid in months and now he is leaving. I have been seeing him for 3 years. I am so mad.

  41. Dwayne if you had any clue about what your saying you would know that the old hostile board and doctors (MEC) are the people who tried to destroy our community hospital.
    Why in Gods name would you want them back.

    Pay attention… The State of California Said “THEY ARE NOT DOING THIER JOB THEY ARE MAKING IT UNSAFE….GET RID OF THEM.!!! ”

    Tell me what part of that you don’t understand.. Tell me you read the States report or did you just take someone’s word for it.

    HCCA has made your community Hospital profitable for the last 32 months what part of that don’t you understand.

    Again why would you want to bring back the very people who tried to destroy our community hospital.

    The very person that this aweful group is wanting on the board is the very man who don’t work well with others was fired from jobs and asked to leave other jobs. Talk about Hostile that is Kevin Northcraft. I’m sure you researched that either.

    Dwayne are you aware that HCCA and the board have opened up a women’s pavilion are updating the Cath Lab to do Stent placement. Along with early screening for diabetes. ALL TRUE….Sounds like you know nothing about our community hospital.

  42. I couldn’t imagine exposing everyone in this group who have cheated on their spouses. Trust me tvery long and I personally know a lot of them .

    I can’t believe you would even suggest that

  43. My doctor friend was not getting paid by HCCA for work at hillman clinic for a long time. My friend resigned. They came back with the check same day and asked my friend to take resignation back.

    It looks like hospital finances are very fragile and they do not have even day to day expenses worth of cash balance.

    If I am a vendor, I would not even change a bulb without advance payment – AND – I will wait until the check clears.

  44. No.
    It is not cash flow problem.
    They are just plain thieves.
    I bet Kumar & Benny have not missed 1 single cent in their paycheck.

    This news is very concerning.

    How are patients going to get healthcare if all doctors leave?

  45. IMHO, recalling Kumar is an absolute necessity in order to make any progress towards taking our public hospital back from corporate vultures.

  46. We all need to start making a list of people who live in District 3 and who we can talk to and try to convince them to sign the recall petition.

    District 3 area is
    – west of Gem/M
    – north of Tulare ave
    – south of prosperity

    We owe at least this much to ourselves to make at least this much effort to ensure we have a place to be taken to in a timely manner when we have an emergency & call 911.

    HCCA has gone way too far in their cost cutting – they have lost good staff, good nurses and most doctors.
    A hospital cannot run like this.
    Why are we paying 3 million dollars of our taxpayer money to Benny? So that he can fire staff who are our friends & neighbors and doctors? I could have done that job for 50K a year.

    Time to get rid of these pirates of Tulare.

  47. So you want to reinstate the people who nearly destroyed the hospital took it to a near bankruptcy. You people are not very smart.

    • You seem to attack everyone that has an opinion different than yours. You also sound like a nurse from the hospital that is from Visalia. if so then there is no amount of intelligent facts that you will look at. You have your line drawn in the sand. Best of luck to you.

  48. Myop:

    Why the “bad doctors” not removed earlier?
    Sherrie came on board in Dec 2012. Why wait 3+ years?

    Why did this “coup” happened in a secret board meeting which was conducted illegally?

    Why this meeting happened in late hours RIGHT AFTER the MEC meeting on Jan 26 in which – it is heard through the grapevine – that a decision was made to suspend Dr Kumar for his behavior towards nurses?

    Why were all but 4 doctors changed to “provisional status”?

    Why did Dr Trujillo – who was made chairman of Pediatrics AND Family Practice- leave?

    Why did ALL pediatric doctors resigned? It is the same ones who have been practicing in Tulare since 1976. Why are they bad NOW? Almost everyone young in Tulare has been their patient at some point. What does Tulare people think of them?

    Why did all community clinic doctors leave?

    Why did diabetes doctor and ENT doctor leave?

    You are saying ALL the doctors except these 4 are bad?
    It looks more like that everyone who is not in their camp is labeled bad.

    Did you know that one of the leading doctors in this bunch of 4 was disciplined at Bakersfield Heart Hospital – for – drumroll please – sexual harassment !!

    One thing that is common among this bunch is – sexual harassment. Way to go Tulare hospital.

  49. Did you know that when a baby comes to this world, there has to be a pediatric doctor to ensure health in early hours of life – which are critically important.

    Thanks to the new management, now we have ONE locum doctor who handles all deliveries 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK !!
    Working without sleeping !!

    This is DANGEROUS.

    I DO NOT want my baby to be born in this hospital.

  50. At this juncture, I do not think the election is as much about voting for Kevin/Mike as it is about voting AGAINST the current establishment.

    We Tulare people are disgusted at:
    – lack of transparency at the board
    – mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars
    – extreme cost cutting to the point of making this hospital & hillman clinic a DANGEROUS place
    – disrespectful treatment of public members at board meetings
    – loss of good nurses & doctors

    We want CHANGE

    We need CHANGE

    We need honest truthful answers about how our money is being spent.
    We need hospital to NOT put profit before care.

    We do not want an outside for-profit corporation to take so much money out of this hospital that there is no money left for normal operation.

    We want to hold the board that signed such contract responsible for their actions.

    Therefore, we need to take back control of the board. To do that, we need to have 3 of 5 board members.

    To get that, we need to
    1- vote out Sherrie Bell & Laura Gadke
    2- Recall Kumar

  51. Did you guys see the copy of a letter posted on Facebook page by Jennifer Burcham?

    It is a letter sent by Novia Strategies to TRMC stating that it will take TRMC to court if TRMC does not pay its outstanding dues.


    How many such hidden skeletons will be found when a board willing to dig will start digging??

    I suspect they have already pawned off all of TRMC assets. AND, they have nerve to say that they brought TRMC back to profitability.
    What a joke !!

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