Layoffs Hit Tulare Regional Medical Center

Officials with the Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) today confirmed rumors that TRMC and, by extension, its partner Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA) have laid off a small number of staff at the hospital. The news comes on the heels of a similarly timed, but otherwise unrelated lawsuit, alleging the hospital violated the California Public Records Act.

Talk began when Citizens for Hospital Accountability, the group behind the No on I campaign, posted a statement on Facebook early Friday morning.

“Unfortunately, we have heard from a few sources that layoffs of TRMC/HCCA employees have begun. We are incredibly saddened that quality employees, many with families to provide for, are being forced out of jobs,” the group said. “However, our sympathy also entails a more angry element– anger that these employees were let go while those in charge continue to have their greed satiated with such plush salaries.”

HCCA’s Vice-President of Marketing, Kathleen Johnson, confirmed that the allegations were accurate.

“The actions taken recently are in accordance with our planned and ongoing strategic realignment of the hospital’s operations. We continue to streamline operations, improve efficiencies and healthcare delivery to our community,” Johnson wrote.

Her statement did not confirm the number of staff laid off, but others have suggested the number is below 30. Johnson stated that the layoffs would not result in any hiring freezes, and that the hospital is “constantly evaluating areas where we can be more efficient and provide better service.”

“Over the last three years we have been focused on implementing our turnaround plan which brought the hospital from the brink of disaster and has resulted in dramatic operational and financial improvements,” she said.

“Nonetheless, until we complete the necessary improvements to the hospital tower, the hospital’s survival remains at risk. We all recognize that the new hospital tower is a necessary and critical element for the future viability and stability of the district and our capacity to provide the best healthcare that our community deserves.”

In its statement, Citizens for Hospital Accountability claims that the layoffs are proof that the hospital’s financial successes aren’t real — that “the ‘28 months of profitability’ were simply untrue.”

Johnson, however, says that the layoffs are necessary to ensure that the hospital has stable financial footing to continue its turnaround.

“Now that there is clarity from the community, HCCA will proceed with securing alternative financing to complete the tower. To be able to do so, we must ensure that the hospital remains operationally and financially successful,” Johnson said.

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  1. I know for sure 3 were very very long term employees. Who gave 30 plus years and get screwed. They (HCCA) still have not match the 401/501K contributions. Was promised in January then June now Sept still hasn’t been done. Bet they owe these 3 alot. One had total control of lab, she did awesome job. Bet next move there is to outsource.

  2. I was laid off from the clinics but 2 weeks.before the layoffs they had hired some MAs straight out of school, hmmmm
    I had the most seniority and I too was never matches my 401..I of why we were let go while they were still hiring. Tammy from HR wouldnt gave me, instead someone else said that she did not know why and she.was just the messenger, so I said make me an appt with simeone who has an.answer, at think I at least deserve that, no one has gotten ba k to me! That don’t surprise me…oh and by the way a few weeks before this happen other staff pf the clinics were stating hiw they were taking iver my position as a CPSP, MA& Lead MA. HOW DID THEY KNOW!?!?
    HCCA/TRMC are loyal to anyone but their “GANG” including Allan, his.friend Samantha Bland, and the rest od the “ues sir” staff.

    • Wow, I can’t believe the hospital would employ someone with such poor grammar and communication skills. Scary to think you ever provided patient care.

    • Questionable characters are they not? Amazing how so many snakes (hcca) can be employed under a company that has everyone’s best interest at heart. The only thing they have interest in is lining their wallets off the backs of honest working people.

  3. Something is very wrong with this picture. They are entitled to their retirement and hospital contributions toward that. What are they hiding?? And is it even legal to do..say you are going to correct something and it never happens?? Then in turn just lay off excellent employees off?? Legal advice needs to be consulted re this matter

  4. >>> until we complete the necessary improvements to the hospital tower, the hospital’s survival remains at risk<<<

    How is construction related to current patient care operations??

    Why are they blaming it on not completing tower?

  5. >>> HCCA will proceed with securing alternative financing to complete the tower <<<

    So, they were lying that hospital will shut down if we dont give them 55 million dollars !!
    There are ways to complete the tower, after all.

  6. BTW, not matching 401K is a serious federal tax crime. .. just like not meeting obligation on any other retirement plan contributions.

    Send a complaint to IRS and there will be action.
    Do CC to your local congressmember. That will ensure IRS does not “lose” your complaint.

  7. Does anyone know if all the fired employees were from Tulare health district or from outside too?

    If they fired only those who are from within the district, it is retaliation for measure I failure. This will be seen as human rights issue. If this is true, ACLU needs to be involved.

  8. Educated citizen, please know that I was a total mess when I was writting my comments, but, also know that I was the only one there from the very first day the clinics open! Don’t try to belittle me if you don’t know what I’m going thru….I could run the Clinics with my eyes close, THATS WHY I HAD ALL THOSE HATS! YOU GET IT?
    Now, let’s not get away from what they done to us and focus on what the reality of this is…..Self serving greedy people, and trying not to pay what is owed to us! So im guessing the previous comment hit a nerve!, hmmm you must work at the clinics or friends of the “Gang”….but I don’t care, it doesn’t change who they are. And by the way, im still waiting to hear from HR. BUT they’ll have to talk to me since I do have a 401K and mileage thats is owed to me.
    I dont know who you are, since you hide your name, I speak the truth so I have no reason to hide who I am.

    • Excellent response to “Educated citizen”….was glad to see it. Good luck in your battle with TRMC/HCCA. Remember that there is strength in numbers, so I hope that everyone that was laid off stand strong together and contact the Labor Board and all other avenues in regards to what is owed to you all.

      • They have a great problem telling the truth (hcca). I call BS!! They are at SIH in Lone Pine and a couple of months the employee health insurance was not paid….. The employees received letters from the insurance company telling them this and high dollar human resources Nancy tells everyone it was a mistake on the insurance side. We know this is not true and is there not a law that human resources is not supposed to lie outright to employees? This is just a drop in the bucket folks, hcca have high dollar people working for them while they think the peons should be paid 1970 wages unless YOU were a chosen one and received a sign on bonus! But who in there right mind would sign a contract with them? So sorry about your layoffs and just crummy treatment. Will be nice when they are investigated and ran out of both towns on either sides of the mountain.

  9. I for one, and many others are just waiting for the day when the “gang” get their just dues. It has taken way to long for the citizens of Tulare to wake up to what’s been going on, They should all get prison time!!

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