Trump Supporters Proclaim Overpass Rally a Success

Supporters of Trump/Pence campaign came out with signs and cheers on a late sunny Saturday morning, greeting drivers traveling on Hwy 198, both Eastbound and Westbound.

The supporters took up a position on the walking bridge over highway 198 in Visalia, and set up signs. For about three hours, they received honks, cheers, waves and thumbs-up.

Of course, as with any political event, they also received jeers and opposition as well.

When asked how does it make you feel to have someone rudely gesture against the Trump signs, Amy Dickinson Campbell, a Navy Veteran and Trump supporter stated with a smile, “It doesn’t surprise me. The Democrat party has been taken over by globalists. Everything that “liberal” used to mean, has been hijacked and the supporters are angry about it. They know they don’t want Hillary, but they cannot seem to shift to the realization that Republicans are not inherently evil, either.”

She went on to say, “Besides, they’re not mad at me, just what I am supporting. They’ll be okay.”

Rally organizer, Susan Walsh had a few things to add as well, “We have had way more honks and waves in support than negative gestures anyway. It seems that people want prosperity back; they want America back, and Trump is a man who can negotiate the good deals and put America first. I am truly excited about this campaign. We’re excited about our future, about America’s future. I haven’t felt this excited about a candidate since Obama in 2008. I was a die-hard Liberal Democrat who believed everything that was said. Hope and Change! I wanted prosperity hope and change, instead all I got was poverty and race wars. Donald Trump knows prosperity and how to make it happen. And he knows how to bring people together for a common purpose and goal, and put America First.”

For more information on what Valley Trump supporters have planned to support the Trump/Pence 2016 campaign, dial 559-429-4109.

4 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Proclaim Overpass Rally a Success

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  1. “Everything that “liberal” used to mean, has been hijacked ………” Funny I was saying something quite similar just the other day….”Everything that “conservative” used to mean has been hijacked by the wacko wing of the GOP, whose current leader is a egotistical racist bigot and compulsive liar who would easily sell his soul to the devil to get what he wanted.

  2. So its fine to think of the blind as somewhat less than human? Thank you for demonstrating that the democtrats really are putrid human beings. And you really want a woman leading us?

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