No on Measure I

The attached list of individuals are just some of the people who have associated themselves with Citizens for Hospital Accountability in Opposition to Measure I (CFHA).

Let us be clear, CFHA will do whatever is reasonably possible to preserve and improve our public hospital, including the completion of the tower. However, we will not stand by and allow our tax money to go to a hospital, whose Board of Directors refuses to account for the mismanagement of the previous bond and that has now turned over its control of our public hospital to a private entity that refuses to provide the citizen of this District vital information, including, who they are, how the amount of the bond was fixed and how it will be spent.

We are strong and growing.

The names below are a small sampling of people in our community urging you to Vote No on Measure I:

Alberto Aguilar
Barbara R. Birch
Bill Hall
Bill Postlewaite
Cara Denney
Clinton D. Lacock
Daniel Allain
Danny Warner
Dean Thompson
Deanne Martin-Soares
Dennis Beck
Dennis Mederos
Doug McNearney
Dr Lonnie Smith
Dr. Edward Henry
Dr. Galen S. Grant
Dr. Tom Drilling
Edward Borges
Janet Boyle
Jeff Denney
Jennifer Burcham
Joey Airoso
John Beck
John Leal
Joseph Soares
Kathy Beck
Ken Nunes
Kevin Northcraft
Linda Nichols
Manuel Espinola
Mary Sepeda
Michelle Moore
Mike Nichols
Nancy Koroviles
Ned Kehrli
Pamella Beck
Pat Drilling
Pat Hillman
Paualette Carpenter
Ray Fonseca
Ray Machado
Robert Bender
Scot Hilman
Tami Warner
Wayne Hinman
Xavier Avila

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