Kaweah Delta Board: An open letter to our community

We thank all those who supported our community’s need to replace Kaweah Delta’s 50 year old Mineral King Wing by voting yes on Measure H. Your support was greatly appreciated. We honor all who were engaged in this process and voted. The earthquake standards remain the law in California and will need to be addressed to ensure that our community’s future health care needs are met.

The fact that Measure H did not pass is an indication that many in our community have questions and concerns that must be fully addressed if we are to move forward. Our challenge is to develop, with the community, a well understood and supported plan to fund and develop healthcare facilities that will be responsive not only to the requirements of law but to the needs of those cared for at Kaweah Delta.

We will begin by carefully listening. We need to fully understand and address the various questions and concerns that have been posed by members of this community. This will require a community dialogue and planning process that will need your involvement. We are now developing this process. It will involve many members of our community, including both those who supported and opposed Measure H.

Remember, Kaweah Delta is owned by the community. We are confident that we can forge a bright future for healthcare in our community as we work together in this planning process. Please join us.

Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Board of Directors

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