Nunes Issues Statement on Hillary Clinton E-mail Case

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued the following statement today about the FBI’s decision to recommend that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information:

“According to Director Comey, the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton has revealed ‘extremely careless’ handling of classified information by Clinton and her aides, and their communications may have been intercepted by hostile actors. This sort of irresponsibility can directly jeopardize U.S. national security and put people’s lives at risk. Our military servicemembers and intelligence professionals are often involved in dangerous operations, and they deserve to know their missions will not be imperiled by careless government officials and their derelict staff members. I hope the irresponsible handling of classified information documented by the FBI will be considered if any of these individuals currently possesses a security clearance or applies for one in the future.”

6 thoughts on “Nunes Issues Statement on Hillary Clinton E-mail Case

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  1. Really? Where was all his concern when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld lied us into the crazy and unnecessary Iraq war?

  2. EXTREMELY CARELESS Hillary needs to have her National Security Clearance Revoked immediately, she put all our lives in danger.

  3. It seems to be that the indictment of Hillary Clinton would have required the same indictment of everyone sending email to an unsafe email address. Altho Clinton clearly could have been indicted, what a mess that would have been created when the whole State Department was also.

  4. Nunes is chairman of the house intelligence committee? Wasn’t Beauregard from the Muppets available? Shouldn’t he and his committee actually investigate before he makes statements that are speculative, unsupported by evidence, and oozing with political self interest? Maybe some of the Republicans from my hometown can explain to me why they vote for someone so vacuous? I don’t see how he has benefited this district.

    • I agree, Devin Nunes would be an asset if he did something that addressed the needs of this Congressional District. He doesn’t seem to be interested in that task.

  5. Anyone who is stupid enough to endorse “The Donald” doesn’t have enough intelligence to sit on any committee let alone chair it.

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