Huerta Calls Out Valadao for Supporting Supreme Court Decision Tearing Immigrant Families Apart

The Supreme Court recently blocked the extension of DACA and DAPA, a decision Congressman David Valadao not only supported, but advocated for. Earlier this year, Valadao aligned himself with Donald Trump’s hateful anti-Latino policies when he voted to send an amicus brief on behalf of the House of Representatives to the Supreme Court on the issue.

“Stopping DACA and DAPA could break apart many hard-working families in our District and across the nation, yet Congressman Valadao not only supported the Supreme Court decision, he advocated for it.

“This is just another example of how wrong Valadao is for the Central Valley. Valadao has opposed increasing the federal minimum wage, voted against protections for farmworkers including access to shade, water, and adequate meal breaks, and supported cutting Medicare while raising taxes for the middle class.

“We need real leadership, not someone like Valadao, who is ready and willing to do whatever his Washington bosses say.”

Emilio Huerta was born and raised in the Central Valley by the leaders of the historic farmworkers’ movement. From negotiating for the United Farm Workers, to serving as General Counsel for the National Farm Workers Service Center, to running his own civil rights law practice, Huerta’s priority has always been ensuring Central Valley workers are treated fairly and with respect.

In Congress, Huerta will empower the Central Valley and stop Washington from holding our families back. California’s 21st Congressional District stretches across the Central Valley and is considered one of the most competitive congressional seats in the country.

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