TLHCD to Meet to Consider Bond Measure to Complete Tower

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The Tulare Local Health Care District will hold a Special Board meeting at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 2, 2016 to decide on a bond measure to complete the Tulare Regional Medical Center tower.

The special meeting will be held in the conference room at Evolutions Fitness & Wellness Center, 1425 E. Prosperity Ave., in Tulare.

“The time has finally come,” said TLHCD Chairwoman Sherrie Bell. “This is the biggest day in the history of our hospital. Passage of this bond measure will allow us to give the greater Tulare community the state-of-the-art hospital it deserves and a facility that will serve generations to come.”

A $55 million bond is being considered that will enable the district to complete its tower and meet the seismic mandates of SB 1953 to ensure survival of the hospital in the event of an earthquake.

The original 2005 GO bond document estimated the tower cost at $120 million, with the initial GO bonds issued for $85 million. Additional GO bonds were always going to be required. The 2005 funds have been exhausted and construction since then has been funded with internal equity.

The meeting is being moved to the larger venue available at Evolutions to allow more of the public to attend. Ample parking is available.

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6 thoughts on “TLHCD to Meet to Consider Bond Measure to Complete Tower

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  1. How convenient for everyone that works. Why not at 6pm so everyone can attend. Oh that’s right the less that show up the better for them. Everyone that can attend to support NO bond please go

  2. I am sorry that we at Tulare District Hospital can NOT please everyone.. We ALL need to leave all the anger and negativity home… We all should be working together to complete what we have started.. “The Tower” if you or your family had some medical emergency and we had no hospital in Tulare then you roll the dice that you will get to Kaweah Delta and still be alive… So the choice to me is life or death.. I CHOICE LIFE… We need a hospital in our community for the future of my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids!

    • Melodie you need to get your head out of the sand. It is not as simple as securing new bond. This board has miss spend the first 85 million dollars and they refuse to show accountability. I have no faith on this board to do the right thing. ( that is to provide the public full disclosure of cost associated with the new tower)

  3. We continue to pay out tax money, hospital bills that are incorrect, and CRAZY law suits….. to fund a hospital…. and “support a board” that is keeping us “in the dark” (where’s the transparency) about where our hospital funds are REALLY going! You will never get my vote, my money, or unless I’m dead my business. Tulare Hospital has run all the good Dr’s away, and left this mess! No, no, NO, NO ON THE BOND!

  4. All the board members keep saying we need to move forward and not be in the past…..well in accounting I don’t think you can legally do that. Especially with someone else’s money.
    2005-2007 Monies went out
    2011 Oversight committee installed
    2008 Benzeevi head of the ER
    2011 Benzeevi Hospital Director
    2014 Benzeevi files HCCA LLC
    2014 Money all used up, Oversight committee disbaned by the board (which the board wrote the rules for the committee stating the committee would be in place to oversee the project to completion.
    2015 SOS accepts LLC from HCCA
    2015 Benzeevi CEO of HCCA
    TDH has no CEO
    What does this look like to you? It looks to me that someone jumped the dog and put himself in charge of the hospital.

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