Guest Editorial from Carl Anderson, President of KDHCD Board

Over the last few days many people have received mailers and “robo” calls rife with misinformation urging them to vote “no” on Measure H, a very important measure before voters through Tuesday, May 3. Measure H will allow Kaweah Delta Hospital to meet state compliance by making significant seismic renovations to ensure that our hospital will continue to operate as a designated trauma hospital in the event of an earthquake.

The mailers and robo calls were paid for by Dr. Benny Benzeevi, the President and CEO of Health Care Conglomerates Associates, the company that manages Tulare Regional Medical Center. As your elected leader on the Board, elected to protect your interests, I feel the need to respond to the misinformation with factual information.

How much will the new Kaweah Delta Hospital (Measure H) cost me as a homeowner?

Though the tax rate will vary, on average, homeowners will pay about $4 per month ($48 per year) per $100,000 of assessed valuation over the life of the bond. This is tax deductible.

Why a special mail ballot election?

The mail ballot election ensures that every voter gets an opportunity to vote, as a ballot is mailed to the home of each voter. It is more democratic and also more financially efficient.

Is the hospital putting in money itself to rebuild the hospital?

Of course, the hospital is investing over $208 million. This is the practical limit of the hospital’s financing capability.

What happens if Measure H doesn’t pass?

Ultimately, Kaweah Delta may have to close some of its operations and we could lose our current trauma designation. Without a new acute care hospital, we will lose bed capacity for acute care services. This means that some patients would have to travel outside the community to be treated.

Doesn’t Kaweah Delta have a healthy operating margin? Why can’t the hospital use it to rebuild the hospital?

Kaweah Delta is investing all that it can legally, over $208 million, to rebuild the hospital. The hospital maintains a narrow net income and margin of just 2.8%; the remainder of the operating margin is used to repay debt, reinvest in capital and technology to ensure Kaweah Delta remains a progressive hospital that we can be proud of.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at the District office at 559-624-2330. I hope you support this very important measure for our community.

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