Dastardly Doctor Dogsbreath Devereaux Makes a House Call in Lindsay

The Lindsay High Drama Club is presenting the melodrama, Dogsbreath Devereaux, The Dastardly Doctor, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 21, 22, and 23 at 7:30pm. This show is sure bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your belly. These students are being directed by the Jan Owens, who has directed many melodramas at the Lindsay Theater.

This melodrama takes place in the emergency room of the Hanover D. Cash Clinic. The story is fueled by a smarmy, scheming villain Dr. Dogsbreath Devereaux (Camron Wagenhalls) and his gruff, unfriendly head nurse Hilda Hatchet (Aranza Padilla), who are planning to take over the lucrative clinic business by marriage and murder of Lotta Cash (Jimena Meza), the clinics owner.

Enter the heroine Wendy March (Lorena Espinoza), a pretty, innocent, new nurse, and her co-nurse Ivy Dripp (Karina Gonzalez), who discover Dr. Devereaux’s horrible plan. A sub-story plot is the fact that Wendy is the long lost granddaughter of the wealthy Lotta, who was lost in a perambulator accident some 20 years previous. Complicating the plot is handsome Dr. Phil Good (Hugo Mena) and orderly Ward Helper (Mark Sanchez), who get caught up in the turmoil.

Dr. Phil falls madly in love with Wendy, and Ward awkwardly pines after Ivy. Enter exotic burlesque dancer Trixie St. James (Hazel Rauda), with an ankle injury, who promptly turns the men’s hearts her way. Trixie is just one of the emergency patients who grace the stage with blood and crisis. She is joined by Patient #1 (Anthony Sanchez) who swallows pennies trying to be a human piggy bank, Patient #2, O.I. Hurt (Owen Patterson) a young skateboarder who gets run over by a truck, and Patient #3 (Elizabeth Sanchez) a very pregnant young woman, who is about to deliver her baby any second.

The devious Dr. Devereaux is aided in his treacherous efforts by the unsuspecting minister Sister Sunbeam (Nicole Bagares) of the Temple of the Children of Love and Light, who has come to the clinic for laryngitis treatment. Further complicating the situation is comic wannabe cop Officer Tommy Gunn (Alex Cha) who shows up for his yearly physical at the chaotic Hanover D. Cash Clinic just as Dogsbreath and Hilda are about to execute…well, just about everyone who stands in their way. Adding to the craziness are zany hospital announcements by the PA person (Marline Meza).

Performances are at the Lindsay Community Theater, 190 N. Elmwood St. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students, and they are available from drama club students or at the door.

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