Sheriff Boudreaux: “I am thankful to you, the people of Tulare County”

In my nearly 30 years with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, I have witnessed some ugly situations which law enforcement faces on a daily basis. Yet somehow, the men and women of our department are able to go home to their own families and not burden them with tales from their last shift.

On February 10, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office lost two of its fine officers in a tragic airplane crash near Springville. In an instant, the men and women of this department felt the loss of their two comrades but continued toperform the duties of their jobs.

From patrolling the community, to investigations, citizen contacts, facing the dangers of domestic violence, and, in this case, flying an airplane to watch over the men and women in uniform and the residents of this county, officers face a variety of scenarios every day.

As the sheriff of Tulare County, I am thankful that we have the trust of our community and a collaborative relationship with our citizens and other lawenforcement agencies.

We continue to work hand in hand with our service groups, our schools, those who are in need, our homeless, our faith-based groups, and for the community as a whole in the pursuit of the common good.

Evidence of this collaborative relationship and community trust became abundantly clear to us the night of February 10.

Our community has embraced the men and women of law enforcement. Hundreds of letters and phone calls were sent to the Sheriff’s Office along with countless social media posts online andface-to-face condolences.

Our community trusts and stands behind its law enforcement. I am thankful to you, the people of Tulare County, for your outpouring of support.

I am also thankful to the men and women in law enforcement who lace up their boots every day in the face of unknown dangers to serve the people of our great county. On behalf of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, I want to thank everyone for your heartfelt condolences as we heal, as we build, and as we strive to move forward in pursuit of keeping our communities safe.

Blessed be the peacekeepers,

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux

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