Macareno Gets 100% of Pre-Endorsement Votes for CA Dem Endorsement

The California Democratic Party held a pre-conference meeting on January 30 to endorse candidates running for state and federal office.

Ruben Macareno’s election campaign for the 26th State Assembly District announced that it has confirmed support of state delegates who submitted all its ballots in favor of their candidate for the state party endorsement.

“I thank the delegates for their support,” said Macareno, who is also the chairman of the Tulare County Democratic Party. “I stand on the principles of the party proudly. I also believe in the basic rules of representation that all voices in a community are valuable as they are important in addressing local and state issues. We need to work together at the end of this election cycle.” In the 2014 Assembly race Macareno and two other Democrats ran in a field of seven candidates for the assembly seat. He was one vote from receiving 70% of ballots received for state endorsement. As a result, no Democrat made it into the general election which pits the top two vote getters despite of party affliation.

According to the by-laws by the California Democratic Party, candidates must receive at least 70% of support from the district’s delegates at the “pre-convention endorsement caucus” to secure an endorsement prior to the party’s annual convention.

The “pre-convention endorsement caucus” is comprised of California Democratic Party State Central Committee delegates who vote at the state convention, as well as the county’s central committee and district-based club appointed Democratic Party delegates. Once ballots are cast, they cannot be revoked, changed or rescinded.

At convention, all candidate recommendations are added to the California Democratic Party’s consent calendar for simple ratification.

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