Neighborhood Bookstore at Taste the Arts

Looking for interesting conversations and/or a place to peruse books at your leisure? Then, Neighborhood Bookstore’s booth at Taste the Arts on Saturday, October 17 is for you.

Neighborhood Bookstore has grown from a seed sown by Carole Firstman and Irene Morse at last year’s Taste the Arts to a forum where a dozen or more local authors can showcase their works. Firstman noted, “Publicity for Tulare and Kings County writers is limited since no major bookstore remains in the area.”

Frequently, whether self-published or published by standard publishing houses, the marketing of books by unknown authors is minimal or non-existent. Unknown authors suddenly find themselves in an arena requiring marketing skills and venues which may be unfamiliar.

Firstman and Morse conceived Neighborhood Bookstore as an avenue to help the works of local authors appear before the public. Through boutiques for the holidays of 2014 and the spring of 2015, Neighborhood Bookstore began to grow.

The Arts Consortium’s Taste the Arts is a perfect partner for Neighborhood Bookstore. The Arts Consortium provides the advertising for the event, and for a small fee the authors associated with Neighborhood Bookstore can share a space that will be on the path of crowds enjoying Taste the Arts on a fall afternoon.

The participants of Neighborhood Bookstore are fluid as the needs of authors change, but joining Firstman and Morse as regulars are Winnie Furrer, a memoir writer, and Gloria Getman, whose passion is mystery.

At Taste the Arts, books from both fiction and non-fiction genres will be available. Within the fiction category, in addition to Getman’s mysteries, Judith Boling and Stephanie Carroll present historical fiction, Jesalyn Harper provides fantasy, and Dominique Vaughn offers poetry.

On the non-fiction side are memoirs by Firstman and Furrer, travel exposes by Morse, and literary non-fiction from John Fisher and Kathy Stevens. Jane Thomas’ incredible photography completes Neighborhood Bookstore’s offerings.

“People have different comfort levels. Some want to stroll around looking at books, while others are interested in meeting and engaging with the authors. Neighborhood Bookstore will provide both opportunities,” explained Firstman.

The authors will be available to sign books. Places to sit and leaf through works will be provided. Neighborhood Bookstore’s booth will be inviting and interesting. The literary artists and photographer invite you to enjoy the ambiance of their booth.


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