New Beginnings Abound at Tulare County Animal Services

After several months of holding public meetings on the now adopted Ordinances, Tulare County Animal Services staff are releasing their new name as they get down to the business of caring for animals and serving community residents, recruiting adoptive and foster families, reaching out to community partners for a greater level of collaboration, and embarking on renovations to the existing shelter; all of these changes reflect the efforts of Animal Services to better engage with animal owners here in Tulare County.

“This shift has been a long time coming, while we worked to put the necessary organizational structures and supports in place to accomplish our mission,” said Tim Lutz, Director of Fiscal Operations. “We look forward to the next steps as we continue to build greater collaborative relationships with our community partners.”

The Ordinances that the Tulare County Board of Supervisors adopted on August 11, 2015 reflect the transition from Tulare County Animal Control to Tulare County Animal Services.

These Ordinances regarding the regulation and control of animals in the unincorporated areas of Tulare County can be found at:

The newly minted name, Animal Services, reflects the importance placed on community education, outreach regarding animal health and safety, and the facilitation of animal adoptions.

The two primary units that now fall under Animal Services are Animal Care and Adoption Services and Animal Control and Licensing.

Staff in these units take care of the shelter operations and outreach and the traditional licensing and control operations.

Renovations to the Animal Services’ shelter’s canine kennel and support offices, located at 14131 Avenue 256 in Visalia, begin on September 8, 2015, and are anticipated to go into the first week of February 2016.

Adoptions, licensing, and accepting lost animals services are still provided at the shelter location.

During the renovation, for their own comfort, dogs are being provided offsite housing.

A pilot program, “Foster-to-own”, is being introduced during this season to help ensure adoptive families have enough time to interact with the animal prior to adoption.

Staff members can bring dogs to the shelter location for community members who may wish to adopt.

Animal Services is asking for residents’ patience with this renovation.

Any residents wishing to help Animal Services during this season, please consider adopting or fostering animals, especially litters of puppies or kittens. For those interested in fostering, please contact Animal Services at (559) 636-4050.

Residents can contact Animal Services via phone at (559) 636-4080, or email at [email protected].

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