The Great Vaccine Debate: The Loss of Parental Rights — Forced Vaccinations

Disclaimer: I vaccinated all my children as the law states they had to be vaccinated before attending school.  This law goes one step further and infringes upon our parental rights.

If your child does not get every single vaccine on the states list of vaccines, they will not be allowed in pre-school, public school, high school or college. This was in a tweet on Senator Pans  Facebook page and he actually included you won’t be able to work.

Senator Richard Pan the author of SB277, as an Assemblyman wrote a bill that the governor signed into law in 2012 – AB2109. Governor Brown added to that law, as he directed the Department of Health to oversee the policy as to not “overburden parents in the implementation of the law”.  He also added that the department was to allow a religious belief exemption into the law and the parents would not have to seek a health care Practitioners signature. AB2109 is a law that requires a letter or affidavit to document which required immunizations have been given and which have not been given on the basis that they are contrary to the parent or guardian’s or other specified person’s beliefs. The health care practitioner is to provide the parent or guardian of the person who is subject to the immunization requirements with information regarding the benefits and risks of the immunization and the health risks of specified communicable diseases. The bill required the form to include a written statement by the parent, guardian, other specified persons, or person, if an emancipated minor, that indicates that he or she received the information from the health care practitioner. This actually increased the vaccination rate of the un- vaccinated from 3.8% to 2.4% So the law did what it was intended to do. Increase the vaccination rates. Now as a Senator, Pan wants to do away with all of that.

Under SB277 it seems they want a complete 100% of children vaccinated.  Senator Pan has said that parents will still be able to get an exemption if the doctor writes out a letter.  There were over 75 requests to doctors just to see if those exemptions would be written and they were not. Schools are already demanding that children come in with all the additional vaccines, which if they are not starting school they have until the 7th grade to report with those additional vaccines.  Reporting takes place in pre-schools K and 7th grade, so you can be grandfathered in and not have to proceed. Since this has not even gone into effect yet the schools have jumped the gun.  Implementation has been pushed back until July 2016.

While I have looked on the CDC website on the vaccination chart, and after receiving the new handbook from the state under the HealthNet program and seeing all the shots being required, I have to say…’that’s a lot of shots.’  During your child’s school years they will be required to get 69 shots.  Some will say children are only required to get 10 shots, but these are series of shots. So while yes there are 10, in the series it adds up to a total of 34 shots. This is including a flu shot each year.

The CDC website shows the list of ingredients.  It shows all the ingredients and some are something you would not want to inject into your child…. diploide cells, (fetal cells) monkey kidney cells plus the ever present formaldehyde.  Ask your Doctor for the insert to the vaccination next time you take your baby in. They have also modified the shot ingredients and most have been changed since 1994.

Within a day of this vote out of the education committee, a report on the news said that Tulare County is reporting 63 new whooping cough cases. Why?  There seems to have been a change of ingredients from last year. That looks like it wasn’t the best thing to do.  2014’s flu shot was ineffective as not the right shot for that strain of flu.

This bill was started after an outbreak of measles at Disneyland.  Even in the language of the bill it states, out of 137 cases, 56% were over the age of 20, 27 of the cases had been vaccinated, and a handful of children were below the age of being able to receive the vaccine. So let’s do the math….we seem to have only 36 cases that involve the targeted age group of school age children.  So the legislators have spent the last 6 months in untold man hours, making parents upset and taking a stand, and getting over 10,000 parents and grandparents to do our homework and research the topic of vaccines.

More research has found that there is a fund for the vaccine injured which has paid out over 3 billion dollars, so the fact that Senator Pan continues to say there are very few injuries could be a bit misleading.   Vaccine manufacturers have been indemnified by the government. I refuse to support any non-free market enterprise that has no liability or obligation to their customers.

He turned to a lobbyist during the hearing for advice seems totally inappropriate and he was admonished for it.  Never has that been done in the history of the Senate in a committee hearing.

Another item we have found in looking up campaign finances is the fact that Senator Pan has received over $94,000 from drug companies such as Merk, Johnson and Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline. We have found that both members on the Education committee and the Health committee have received funding. Senator Holly Mitchell took a total of $54,000 and we even found that Senator Andy Vidak shows $1500 given in the 2014 election cycle. I’m not an expert on campaign finance reports but that seems like a conflict of interest to then turn around and vote in favor of something that is benefiting drug companies. Senator Vidak doesn’t even have any children. I’m sorry but my momma bear instincts come out on this. When would they think it is appropriate to recuse  themselves in the legislative process? In speaking to one of his constituents the other day, she said she was a teacher aide and I would be surprised at what the children were bringing into the classroom.  I find this somewhat upsetting since even the illegal immigrants who are being allowed into our schools have to meet the same requirements in getting their vaccines as our children do.

So now let’s revisit the tweet made by Senator Pan.  Your child will not be able to attend school or get a job, which I have never been asked to show proof of vaccines for a job, but his words about school is very upsetting.  If you do not follow their mandate you will have to Homeschool your child.  Which on one hand with Common Core doesn’t sound all that bad, but under the California Constitution, all children have the right to an education.

ARTICLE 9 SECTION 1. A general diffusion of knowledge and intelligence being essential to the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people, the Legislature shall encourage by all suitable means the promotion of intellectual, scientific, moral, and agricultural improvement.

The right to a public education in California is a fundamental right fully guaranteed and protected by the California Constitution. (96) Recognizing the central role that education plays in our society, the California Legislature has enacted numerous laws designed to promote equality in educational opportunities and to safeguard students against discriminatory practices in public schools providing educational services. (footnote) California Department of Justice Attorney Generals Office

Current state law requires children to be vaccinated before attending school but nowhere in the Constitution does it state that you must be vaccinated before attending school. I’m sure the Oversight Committee has looked into this….Wait, the Oversight Committee was dismantled by Senator Protem Kevin deLeon (24) D back in November 2014 after he won the election and was installed as the Speaker. Now why do you think that happened?

This bill should have gone through the appropriations committee because there will be a profound fiscal impact if your child isn’t allowed to attend school. One parent will have to be at home to teach so the loss of income would be a factor, and the loss to the school of revenue for the child will be an issue.

Nowhere in the law does it state that the vaccines listed now would be the only ones required. At anytime more vaccines could be added to the list.

Next up is SB792 which will require all day care workers to get their shots. There is also evidence that vaccines do more injury to adults more often than children. The drug manufactures have exempted themselves from lawsuits (thus the vaccine injury fund) and doctors are also exempt from vaccine injuries. If this is a state law, would that leave the state on the hook for injuries suffered by adults to appease those in power in Sacramento?

So does the state have the right to dictate such things over the wishes of parental rights? Some children have cancer and cannot get shots. Don’t they run a risk of even catching a cold, which could be deadly to them?  Shouldn’t they be the ones to be homeschooled?  Children with positive HIV, Hep B and HepC will be allowed in school.  Those students with these conditions do not have any privacy concerns as this falls into the HIPA rules. (surprise surprise)

The vaccine rate is extremely high and that is good, so why would an unvaccinated child be any risk to a vaccinated child. The vaccines are supposed to be effective right?

Watch out for what could happen next. Would CPS be called in because of their so called ‘child neglect’.

Some bring up a 1904 ruling, which by today’s standards would be ruled unconstitutional.

One more little tidbit to add to your knowledge, Edmund ‘Pat’ Brown Sr. in 1961 when he was Governor signed into law, the California Exemption.  Now will his son ruin the legacy or will he uphold it as he did by writing in a religious exemption to AB2109 in 2012.

We’re on that slippery slope to Tyranny.

You can read the bill for yourself at California Legislative Information web site.

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