Orosi Booster Club Working to Plan Ed Coates/George Millhorn Golf Classic

With the second annual Ed Coates/George Millhorn Golf Classic approaching on Saturday, June 6, the Orosi Booster Club is working hard to plan out the details of the tournament and try to find people to participate.

According to Orosi Booster Club President Jon Smoljan, the numbers will be down from last year, so far as participants are concerned. His goal right now is just to find people who want to be involved with the golf classic.

“We’re just looking for golfers right now,” he said. “Golfers are what will fund us. Also sponsorship will help, but if our numbers are good, we should be comfortable.”

Smoljan said, last year’s classic had more participants because the money was specifically designated. This year the planning is a little different.

“Financially, it’s been tough,” he said. “We’ve been looking for tee sponsors; we’re doing raffles now too to see if that helps. It was easier to plan out last year’s tournament and it was easier to sell because there were people excited about the fact that the money would go toward the new football field.

“This year’s will be helping fund the boosters and help them proceed with what they want to do going forward.”

Just by the sheer numbers of people participating, Smoljan doesn’t see this year’s tournament being equally successful as the first, but that is not stopping him and the other boosters from trying for a successful classic.

“Last year we had a lot of alumni come out,” he said. “This year we’re expecting some newer and older alumni and people from the community, hopefully.”

The tournament’s namesakes, Coates and Millhorn, are expected to bring a good amount of people.

“They are bringing two different clientele of people, but it should help,” Smolgian said. “Every little bit helps. It’s been tough planning, but everything should be okay.

“We just want golfers at this point,” he said. “People who want to get involved; golfers are what will help pay for this.”

Smoljan and the other boosters have many ideas as to useful and productive ways to use the funds.

“We have discussed male and female sports scholarships,” he said. “We want to continue to provide meals for the teams. Just be that support system. We just have a lot of people in the boosters who have good ideas.

“We’re taking a different approach to planning. Last year we just wanted to set the groundwork. This year we just want to continue what we’ve already built.”

The Ed Coates/George Millhorn Golf Classic takes place Saturday, June 6 at the Ridge Creek Golf Course in Dinuba. For more information, call: (559) 804-6263 or (559) 799-9894.

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