The Story of Helo, the Common Brown Pittie


He arrived as a stray and as a large helicopter flew overhead the Animal Control Officer responsible for his intake bestowed upon him the name, Helo. He was a happy boy with a wildly wagging tail with a sweet disposition. Unfortunately, he was a member of a class of dogs often vilified by society and subjected to breed bans.

Due to the fact bully breeds are extremely popular in the Valley, they represent the majority of dogs taken into the Tulare Animal Services. Helo’s kind are very hard to adopt or rescue. The harsh reality is the majority of these dogs never make it out of the shelter. Helo’s odds were not looking good. His fortune turned around and a gentleman adopted him and he was so thrilled to have a home.

Sadly, by no fault of his own, he was returned. With a defeated spirit, he returned to a kennel in the shelter with the other homeless dogs. His tail still wagged and the staff fell in love with him. Next, he went to a very large adoption event but no one was interested in giving him a home. At this point, weeks had passed and kennel life was taking its toll. His chances of leaving the shelter were dwindling.

His great disposition and temperament never wavered. He sat patiently as prospective adopters and rescue organizations passed him by. At some point, Helo had caught the eye of the shelter manager and a relationship began to form. He was now spending more time outside of the kennel and greeting shelter customers. He was fabulous with everyone; people, small children, other dogs. He was quickly becoming a model citizen.

The shelter manager convinced his wife to give Helo a try. Helo was introduced to who would become his big sister, Madison the Rottweiler, and they got along as if they were old friends. He had found his forever home. He is now spoiled with an overabundance of love and represents his breed well by being a good canine citizen. The shelter is filled with other dogs and cats just waiting for their forever homes.

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