P. Kay Woods Photos at Brandon-Mitchell Gallery

P. Kay Woods will exhibit some of her own images of “edges” as seen through her camera lens in the Brandon-Mitchell Gallery at the Spiritual Awareness Center in March and April. Artist receptions will be held on First Fridays, March 6 and April 3, from 5:30-8pm.

p17-4Woods, who has lived and traveled all around the world, mostly uses her cell phone to take her pictures—simply because it is always with her. In the display of her work in the Member Show in November and December, one of her works was a beautiful picture of feathers, that she admits is of road kill. She went to pull a dead vulture out of the road, saw how beautiful the feathers were, and took a picture!

She calls this exhibit “Edge” because she is “intrigued by the distinctions that edges enable and how our personal views are uniquely shaped by edges that we see or even feel. Sometimes we allude to them as well! Consider the idea that one’s gender or race may, or may not, give you an edge in your education or career.”

Some of the “edges” are of shadows. “It seems a shadow is defined by its edges, given food for one’s mind’s eye to help calculate the shadow’s source, location and identity. A very important sort of edge, don’t you agree?” she asks.

Although Woods has visited Mexico, India, Nepal, Wales, England, Italy, the Olympic area of the Pacific Coast and the Outer Banks of the Atlantic Coast, and has hiked in the Yosemite and Sequoia regions of the Sierra Nevada, she  says most of the photos in this exhibit are western United States and mostly local. They include diverse plants, animals, soap and horizons. She likes textures. A few of the pictures are digitally altered. She likes to play with colors.

Woods has lived west of Fresno among the fig orchards; went to nursing school in San Antonio, Texas; and also lived in Ithaca, New York; Bozeman, Montana; and now Three Rivers. She has worked in intensive care coronary care, moved with her spouse in the military and forest service, and raised two children.

She used to work year round in the Giant Forest book shop in the visitor center. She says she no longer hikes but takes pictures on her walks.

The Brandon-Mitchell Gallery is located at the Spiritual Awareness Center, 117 S. Locust Street, Visalia and is open the first Friday of each month, 5:30-8 p.m, and by calling the center at 625-2441.

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