Ice House Stages Baby with the Bathwater

Baby with the Bathwater is Christopher Durang at his best. His witty satirical dialogue will have you laughing and gasping at the same time. Director Elicia Russell loves the play.

From left to right - Cymone Sandoval, Rachel Sievers-Herrera, and Marisela Gomez.
From left to right – Cymone Sandoval, Rachel Sievers-Herrera, and Marisela Gomez.

“Christopher Durang can take normal things, even horrific things,” she said, “and make them funny.”

Baby with the Bathwater run begins February 27 at the Ice House Theatre.

The play is a very clever parody of parenting and the foibles that can become truths through repetition. Henry Gonzales (Daisy) fell in love with the play in high school

“There is so much truth in its absurdity. It is the truth about parenting. I’ve seen these characteristics in parents through the years. No matter how crazy they are, it is the truth and reality for them,” he said.

“When people see situations in their lives blown up to extremes, it becomes funny because they have been there,” notes Corey Ralston (John).

Ralston’s character is non-remarkable on the surface, but contains multiple layers to be explored.

“I’m having a fun time playing a character who is bi-polar. It’s great to be able to change emotions on a dime. I’m still working on what makes John tick. I want to figure out the layers and show them,” he said.

Helen, John’s wife, is described by Rachel Sievers-Herrera as “as a non sequitur. I don’t fully get Helen yet, which is really exciting because I’m having to dig and dig and dig to figure her out.

Herrera does not see Helen as having a give-and-take relationship with either her husband or her baby. “She seems to need someone to hate, to keep her going.”

Cymone Sandoval, Marisela Gomez, Lindsay Tweed, Robin Hoffman, and Sergio Garza portray the remaining array of characters. Sandoval, Gomez, and Tweed have multiple roles to challenge their acting talents.

All involved agree that the play is hysterical and great fun.

Gomez loves the play for its humor, “It is just so funny. Everyone is so paranoid these days. Even if you make a mistake, children are resilient, they will be okay.”

Herrera noted, “The play is not afraid of making fun of all sorts of people – no holes barred. We have a high-caliber cast which is going to keep it clipping along from start to finish. It is really smart and the ending catches you off guard.”

On Sunday March 8 the matinee, “Back Stage at the Ice House” will be hosted by Sharon DeCoux, a veteran Visalia Player. Audience members will have an opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at the show and a chance to ask questions and interact with cast and crew.

Baby with the Bathwater runs for three weekends at the Ice House Theater at Race and Santa Fe in Visalia. Evening performances are at 7:30 p.m. on February 27 and 28, and March 6, 7, 13, and 14. Matinees are at 2:00 p.m. on March 1, 8 and 15. The play includes adult language. To purchase tickets go to the Visalia Players’ website at, their Facebook page “Visalia Community Players”, or call 734-3900.

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