Visalia Chamber eLearning Center Offers On-Demand Training

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce has announced its new eLearning Center powered by Global Classroom. The Visalia Chamber eLearning Center provides a total education solution for building technology, business and career-ready communities. The solution includes over a thousand online courses and trainings, providing access to quality online training across multiple digital devices.

“Business owners want their employees have high quality training options and new learning opportunities,” said Chamber CEO Gail Zurek. “The creation of the eLearning Center will allow employers to select courses they want employees to complete and track employee progress. Additionally, the Visalia Chamber eLearning Center allows the flexibility to complete courses at a convenient time and location for both the employer and employee.”

Employers can choose to enroll an employee in the eLearning center with access to every course, or limit access to courses that are job-specific.

When an employer pays for an employee to travel to a seminar or hires an instructor the costs quickly multiply. With the eLearning Center, employers pay for a monthly or yearly subscription per employee for the program that allows unlimited access to all of the available courses or limited access to job-specific tutorials. The eLearning center includes certificates, transcripts, group discussions and access to new courses added every month.

Current course content comes from a growing list of nationally recognized companies including: Skillsoft, Microsoft, Franklin Covey and Emily Posts. In addition to the nationally recognized content creators, chamber members will have the opportunity to submit their own training courses and materials to the e-Learning Center to be used by employers across the country.
Courses offered include: accounting and finance, business ethics, customer service, graphics and digital media, human resources, QuickBooks for small business, web marketing, and sales and marketing.

The chamber launched the eLearning Center last month. It can be accessed through the chamber website, For more information, call the Visalia Chamber at 734-5876 or visit

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