Lindcove Center to Host Annual Citrus Fruit Display Day

Visitors can sample more than 100 varieties of citrus.
Visitors can sample more than 100 varieties of citrus.

On Friday, December 12, UC’s Lindcove Research & Extension Center will host its annual Citrus Fruit Display Day and Tasting Event, where visitors can sample the more than 100 citrus varieties grown at Lindcove, and participate in a sensory taste test conducted by Cooperative Extension horticulturist Dr. Mary Lu Arpaia and Dr. Dave Obenland.

Those in attendance can discuss new low-seeded citrus varieties with Dr. Mikeal Roose and ask UC advisors Craig Kallsen and Neil O’Connell their citrus questions. In addition to taste testing fruit, there will be a walking tour at 10am, starting with a presentation the Citrus Clonal Protection Program by Dr. Georgios Vidalakis.

The event is scheduled from 9am to noon. The center is located at 22963 Carson Ave., Exeter.

For more information, contact Anita Hunt at 592-2408 or [email protected] or visit

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