Letter: Concern Over Porterville Police

While the Porterville City Council has many issues before them, they seem to confuse themselves as to what action to take. It seems that the lack of experience leads them from arriving to a decision, as to whether they should ignore or address and find solutions to what ever the community concerns are?. At last night’s council meeting (October 21, 2014) several attendees presented comments on the upset and nagitive affect the community is experiencing after the removal of the Police Chief. Not so much the fact that he was removed, (because that was a step in the right direction), but rather the reasons behind it. The allegations that have since surfaced in the community is that there was misappropriation of public funds regarding the Porterville City Police Explorer Program, allegations of a hostile working enviorement within the department, several lawsuits, crimes not being reported or taken action upon which involved department personnel, the gatherings involving liquior being served at (which is now being referred to as the “Porterville Police Club House” near the Porterville Airport) and how paid personnel is assigned to the area against their desire,to maintain the premises. It is said, that after a Complaint to the Grand Jury, resulted in the findings being referred to the District Attorney’s office and that the DA channeled said findings to the Porterville City Manager for review (again, the fox guarding the henhouse), which utimately, at it is rumored that the city manager visited the illegal site to confirm the allegation and gave the city manager no choice, but to place the Chief on Administrative Leave. The city manager since gave the Chief the option to retire effective in December. The community does not feel that any public employee should be entitled to PERS Retirement Benefits if it is found that the individual has in fact committed a crime. In addressing the city council on the police department scandal and that of the excessive fees surrounding the Medical Marijuana issue the Porterville Recorder has ignore to print any comments on the topics. Furthermore, the local radio station KTIP, has also ignored to report on any comments. The handling of the findings and recommendations of the Tulare County Grand Jury being forwarded to the Tulare County District Attorney is a common practice of ignorance, knowing that the District Attorney will never abided by his responsiblity and obligation to follow the law (at least not this Distirct Attorney). At the March 23, 2014 District Attorney’s Forum in Porterville, sponsored by El Centro Mexicano, American Latino, Tulare County District Attorney TIM WARD said that no one was above the law, and that he stood to prosecute anyone regardless of status, who violated the law. Maybe, the community made a huge mistake not to elect Attorney Ralph Keible to do a man’s job. At the council meeting I also challenged Councilwomen Virgina Gurrola running for 5th District Supervisor on her asking the community for their vote on November 4th. I informed Madam Gurrola, that if she wants support from the community, she had to earn it, and do the right thing and look into the police scandal, and that it was the responsiblity of the entire city council to provide answers to the community surrounding the scandal. The City Manager works for the council, and council represents the communtiy. I also reminded Gurrola that Mike Ennis was advised of a previous Grand Jury Investigation which was moved on or about August of 2012 and he ignored to look into it, (what about it,Mikey, give up that taxpayers phone, “Use it or Lose it”). The findings and recommendations of the investigation were also forwarded to District Attorney TIM WARD, who neglected to take action. My question is, “Are the elected doing what they have promised their constituents to do”, or are, as always……….just blowing smoke up their axx. I further noticed the current police chief intermin, and the comment he has made over the radio, in saying that he found the Porterville Police Department to be very professional and that he was glad to temporarily join the force, what could he be referring to………..professional criminals?????????? “Please, Chief, as a respected community leader you need to man up and do the right thing, the public is not stupid,……need I say more,….. No harm intended, just honesty”.

John Duran

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    • Mr. Station: In accordance to my understanding the Fraternal Order of Eagles is not a “law” establishing entity of government and I withhold reservation to address their standing in the community. I personally don’t have interest in what independ organizations, groups, committees, etc. contribute to the community because they don’t act at the expense of the taxpayers. My question is that of the practices of the Porterville Police Department under the command of “chuck mcmillian” and the city’s ignorance, which involves the Porterville City Manager and the Porterville City Counsel in failure to act in the best interest of the people. I trust the beliefs of Tulare District Attorney TIM WARD, when he proclaimed that,”no one is about the law” and that if anyone was to commit a crime, regardless of status, that he was compelled by law to prosecute. If a person in the position of authority, such as the soon to be retired chuck mcmillian, is allowed to depart his position under the allegations of a corruptive form of government which affects the entire community is certainly something that warrants a meaningful investigation and as public servant the city manager is obligated to provide answers to the people that pay his salary. It is further the obligation of the City Counsel to act with the same interest. In a recent article in the Porterville Recorder Councilwomen, Madam Gurrola, said that the Madam “who was on the council when the AG’s opinion was sought, said she wants council to discusss the opinion if for no other reason was that to inform new members of the council of the potential for conflicts and further stating that she also wanted to see if the statue of limitations has passed if the council would want to pursue legal action against former Councilman Greg Shelton’s regarding the purchase of property within redevelopment guidelines. My question to the Madam, is that of who has done more damage to the community and is subject to be held accountable?, chuch mcmillian, which allegations of having alcohol parties at the “Porterville Police Clubhouse” at taxpayer expense, which have been confirmed by the new Mayor milt stowe following the latest “Morning Coffee” gathering or the nonfounded allegations against former Councilman Greg Shelton. The damage has been inflicted against the will of the people and it is the responsiblity of the sitting council to fix it. The community did not elect or approved the exsisting panel to indulge in the practice of igornance, but rather the course of representing the people. If the City Manager is incapable of doing his job or the current City Council is incapable of excersicing it’s authority, than it is time for them to leave. I would recommend that they take the overpaid City Attorney Julia Lew with them. Julia Lew drafted all the Measures on the Ballot for the June 2nd Election which cost the taxpayers over $50,000.00. The Measure were so confusing that I don’t even think she, herself understood them. No harm intended, just being honest. .

      • Mr. Station: Line #7 in the previous comment should read, “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”, instead of “about the law”. My bad. Never the less, the Tulare County District Attorney TIM WARD is compelled by law to prosecute, if in fact a crime has been committed, and he should, because that is why the voters “mistakenly” elected him. He’s yet to fullfill his ‘Oath”. Again, no harm intended, just stating of the facts which have not yet been disputed, by THE COUNTY DA, PORTERVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT, THE CITY COUNCIL or THE CITY MANAGER. Your take on the allegations????

        • Isn’t it funny that a criminal who fires over 30 rounds to the outside of his home and shoots his brother is notice that he is looking at over 500 years in prison, BUT, a icon of the city who the people trusted to upholding the law can abuse his office and his penalty is that he is looking to receive all his Public Employee’s Retirement benefits for the damage that he did to every taxpayer in the community. Since no one can live over 500 years maybe they should award that “ICON” at least 10 of those 500 years to fix the damage he did. Maybe at the end of the 10 years he will realize that no one is above the law. Reminds me of the Guns and Roses song lyrics……..”Ma ma take this badge from me…..I can’t use (abuse) it anymore”

  1. “Your take on the allegations????”

    well just that allegations , but in his meeting with the city which one or both did he use LYBARER OR POBOR

    then that would lead one to know if it is civil or criminal in nature , maybe ask your friend MR Green .

    and what or who are you talk about in your last post about the 30 rounds shot around someone home?

    This is why a independent police auditor and a public police oversight committee need to be formed

    but the man is not as bad as fresno chief , give it time people will talk……

    • Thank you for the reply Mr. Station: What I was referring to was a comparison on the amount of damage a person does to a community. The parolee who was involved in the shooting on Lime Street certainly placed several people in danger and deserves to be prosecuted. This is in fact a criminal matter, and yes he did do a damaging thing. However, the allegations against the Police Chief, if found to be true, surpass the level of damage the parolee created. At this point we have no concrete information coming from the City Manager, City Mayor or the City Council publicly, confirming the allegations facing the Chief. But I personally feel that the damage he had done to all the residents of the city are more damaging, because it affects every individual in the community, specially, the TAXPAYERS. Yes, it is true what you say, that they are only allegations, but, wheather they are criminal or civil they are surrounding a servant who took an oath to protect and serve his community. If the allegations were that the Chief was having potlucks at the “Club House” for his staff, that would be excusible. If it was allegded that he had submitted a purchase order for office supplies for the “Club House” this also would be excusible. However, some allegations were that he was having beer parties and selected members of the police department were invited to participate, this is misappropriation of taxpayers monies and is “INEXCUSABLE”. As I said in my previous comment, these allegations were confirmed by the City Mayor milt stowe and a former Police Officer who was with the police department. The allegations that several 911 calls were also in from residences near the Chiefs’ home for supposely, family disturbances, and that no one was ever arrested or that no reports were ever filed is disturbing. I am sure the department has records of the calls. Another allegation is that the Chief purchased a thirty thousand dollar tractor from the City of Lindsay for the “Club House”, and that the Porterville City Manager hadn’t even approved the purchase. Moreover, is that the department had paid for the Chiefs’ son to attend the Police Academy who is now working for the Lindsay Police Department. Another police officer told me that the detective who had pastout in the Town and Country Market parking lot had just left an early New Years party back in 2012. Mr. Station, I don’t make these things up, you’d be surprised who provides me with this information. Do we really want to retire the Chief with full Retirement benefits? Maybe we should ask the residents on the East side of Porterville if their on board, before they die of thirst. if this is the case then we may as well give that parolee free ammunition to take to prison. I fully agree with you about the audits and an oversite committee. If you initiate it, I will support you. The lawlessness has to STOP. How, can a Chief of Police pledge to enforce the law, when he himself cannot even abide by it. So what happens to all the city residents who have been arrested, ticketed, sent to jail, harrassed, and violated under the Chiefs’ watch? Should they be reimbused for the fines, or be set free? I have personally demanded that the Tulare County District Attorney conduct a full investigations. Again, what is your take?

  2. MY take is we all know the city of porterville has along history of the good old boy net work and it grows like an orange tree branch , the city council , the paper , the police, and even some of the businesses,

    i know of the story’s of the police chief son that is not new, same with the officers and Sergent too

    and all the killings of an armed people, so things were starting to rack up and some people took notice and put heat on them so maybe that’s why the city said lets try and let him go before he bring everyone with him…..

    • Mr. Station: If you and I as men, (if we call ourselves men), do not demand to have the allegations regarding the subject matter in our discussion investigated, then you and I are worthless in a free society. We are only slaves to the servants who we supposely surrender our trust to lead us through the roads of life, that holds within the freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is granted to us under a Republic constitution. I have commenced my action and have filed a Complaint with the Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward via “Certified United States Mail”, I further requested the assistance of the Office of the United States Attorney General and have also demanded an investigation by the Office of Public Intergrity Public Employees Retirement System (I pay taxes). I call upon every man in the City of Porterville to follow my lead so that ‘AS MEN” we can assure our children that they can trust in us “MEN” to pave their future, free of any corruption so that their freedom, liberty and happiness will not be affected by elements of corrupt community leaders. Thank you Sir, for your reply

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