Letter: For Goodness Sake

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Test this natural law by loading your rifle and pulling the trigger. The kick back gives you a clear understanding of how this law works. The bullet leaves forward out the muzzle at very high velocity and the rifle butt kicks you in the shoulder. We can’t change natural law even though it seems to be mans burning desire to do so.

I mourn for the demise of our brilliantly penned constitution, a document which has defended freedom while people found their way into the abundant corridors of self worth and service to their fellow man across the world and to life’s vast array of living species so very dear to us, as well as nature’s gift of wind, water and soil.

Technology is wonderful in its own right. However, Geo-engineering is a two part experimental program under military control.

Chemtrails, little known to the general public, is under the direction of geo-engineering. They use high flying aircraft to dump megatons of Aluminum oxide, barium and strontium, in the form of nana particles. Metallic-like clouds fall on the world’s population. These metals become poison to our mind and body as we inhale the air. They will take their toll on our ability to comprehend our awareness until death do we part.

HAARP, High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program can burn holes in the ozone allowing man to manipulate weather, create personality changes in the minds of mankind, create earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. It is a devastating weapon in times of war and a serious threat to all life on earth. This is not so much about scientists controlling the clouds as it is about controlling world population. They perceive these technical advances as greatly significant to their own personal wellbeing.

Technical advances are now in the hands of sociopathic thinking elite. They savor the idea of controlling a one world government with a firm grip on all bank money. Their program is deeply woven into the American social fabric while we the people appear to enjoy the last vestige of personal freedom. The end result could be the horrific repeat in brutality experienced with past fallen nations. This time, it could include all people and all nations.

Unfortunately, our congress has allowed this to happen while enjoying big money for big favors while the moneyed elite have stepped above the laws of the land, disregarding human rights established within our constitution.

They pursue the task of manipulating one government against another until war becomes eminent. They appease peoples with unrealistic entitlements, extravagant pensions far to abundant for the health of national budgets, bad choices in food stamp recipients, depravation of adequate employment and the dwindling need for parents and schools to inspire their young with values that fit an attractive life style. Banks are now dispersing money away from those who have earned it to those who plan to take it. I’m sorry, that’s something the media forgot to mention.

These ruthless people believe that money is the major controlling factor for choosing who will live and who shall die.

They suffer from the illusion that they alone should have full control over all earthly functions including weather, electronic polarity, the ozone layer and human mind control. They’re only kidding themselves.

I say to humanity, “If you wish for a less catastrophic world, direct your ambitions toward gentle kindness with respect to all living things.”

All creatures, including man, will eventually succumb to the laws of nature and finally to God. Keep that in mind!

Lynn McLean

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