Local 7-Year Old Author Creates Magical Comic Book World

A young girl gets transported to a world filled with magic and conflict after receiving a mystical tome. How will she ever get home?

Symana Symanski
Symana Symanski

This is the world created by 7-year-old Tulare County author Symana Symanski, who currently has a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funding to publish Chess Volume 2, the follow-up to her earlier work.
Her mother, Natalie, did the storyboarding and original character designs with Symana (and put together the Kickstarter campaign). Jessica Boston Fuller did the final artwork.

Chess Volume 2 will be a full-color, 28-page comic. This story has been in the making since the creative genius and author was 6 and began dictating her story to her mother nightly.

The story revolves around a young girl named Elise who gets transported into the magical world of Newland. Completely out of her depths in a world surrounded with action and adventure, she has to figure out how to return home in one piece, if she can. She quickly has to choose sides with strangers she has barely met in order to find her way back. Unfortunately, nothing is as easy as it seems and she has to help them before they can help her.

“My family mustered together as much funds as we could to bring the first chapter of the 20 she has written down to life in a comic,” said Natalie. “We took her to Anime Expo for its release, and the joy of watching her share her story with absolute strangers filled my heart with a joy I didn’t know could exist. I had asked her what she loved about telling stories and she told me that it was her chance to help make people happy.”

For more information, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/2117031415/chess-volume-2.

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