‘Light Up the Fox’ Benefit to Help Restore Historic Marquee

On Saturday, August 23, the Visalia Fox Theatre will host a “Light Up The Fox” benefit concert to launch a capital campaign to restore the theater marquee to its original look.

Leaving Austin
Leaving Austin

The Historic Visalia Fox Theatre recently announced plans to restore the marquee to the original design from 1930, an effort that will require financial investment by the community. The theater is looking for donations to offset the cost of the marquee and the 1,300 light bulbs needed to light it up. When someone donates to this cause, their name will be placed on one of the light bulbs, meaning their name will truly be up in lights at the Fox.

The August 23rd benefit concert will feature three Valley bands. Leaving Austin is part of the new generation of country music. This five-piece band offers a unique blend of great harmonies with rock, pop and country to make something all their own.

Since 2008, Motel Drive has become one of the Valley’s premier live rock bands. They’ve described themselves as a “rootsy, and greasy country, rock and roll, and rockabilly band where Gretsch guitars wail, an upright bass slaps you around, and voodoo drums pound the night away.”

Richfield has played up and down the state and plays a style of music that has been considered the “California Sound,” a blend of Americana, folk and rock. Fans of the Eagles, the ‘60s Bakersfield sound and early Wilco, take note.
Tickets are $13. Doors open at 6pm. Music starts at 7pm. Call 625-1369 for tickets and information, or visit www.foxvisalia.org.

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