Summer Hikes Planned in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia Natural History Association and Sequoia Field Institute are planning five group hikes in Sequoia National Park this summer, including:

  • Alta Peak Backpack, July 24-27

    The scenic trail covers both mesmerizing geology and extremely diverse plant and animal communities. This four-day trip covers about 20 miles, 3,900’ in elevation gain, and is a world away from the stress of work. Price ($175 SNHA member/$201 non-member) includes: wilderness permit, first night camping, instruction and guiding.

  • Yoga Backpack, August 4-7

    This four-day, yoga-inspired backpacking trip begins at Crescent Meadow and along stunning views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the historic High Sierra Trail. Daily yoga sessions and opportunities to meditate both alone and with new friends should leave you feeling rejuvenated. This trip is about 25 miles. Beginning elevation is 6,800. Highest elevation is 8,300’. Longest daily mileage 9.5 miles. Price ($218 SNHA member/$251 non-member) includes: wilderness permit, first night camping, instruction and guiding.

  • Ducey/La Conte/Darwin, August 7-15

    Some backpackers maintain that these basins contain some of the most beautiful country the Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer. The nine-day trip offers a chance to see wildlife that few Californians ever see, and sleep in the heart of the second largest wilderness area in the United States. This trip covers about 70 miles, includes two optional layover days. The beginning elevation is 9,700’. Highest point on the trip is 13,568’. Average daily mileage will be nine miles. Price ($405 SNHA member/$466 non-member) includes: wilderness permit (two agencies), first night camping, instruction and guiding. 

  • Rae Lakes/Sixty Lakes Basin, August 24-31

    Imagine blue sky colored lakes, meadows so perfect you could golf on them, and peaks that shoot up dramatically, pointing to the stars at night. This eight-day hike covers 45 miles. The beginning elevation is 5,400’. The highest point is 11,978’. Price ($390 SNHA member/$499 non-member) includes: wilderness permit, first night camping, instruction and guiding.


  • Astronomers Backpack, August 25-28

    This 4-day, 3-night trip will highlight the night sky, teaching participants the basics of backyard astronomy using the naked eye and powerful binoculars. Become familiar with more advanced deep sky objects, such as popular summer star clusters and nebulae that fascinate advanced astronomers. This trip is has an average daily mileage of 10 miles. Beginning elevation is 6,700’. The highest elevation will be 9,500’. Price ($230 SNHA member/$265 non-member) includes: wilderness permit, first night camping, planisphere, instruction and guiding.

To book a trip, contact the Sequoia Natural History Association & Sequoia Field Institute at 565-4222 or [email protected], or visit

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