West Nile Virus Still Active in Tulare County

Recently, a case of West Nile Virus was reported to Tulare County Health and Human Services. The individual impacted was hospitalized and is now recovering. Delta Vector Control District reported that 36 mosquito pools and 21 dead birds have tested positive for West Nile.

During the summer months, community members should be on guard and protect themselves while enjoying outdoor activities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, and there is no vaccine or medication to treat the virus. Most people infected with West Nile will have no signs of the disease; however, about 20% will develop a fever with other symptoms. It is important to note that people over 50 are at higher risk of more serious illness.

Community members are urged to be aware of potential breeding grounds around their properties, including homes that are unoccupied or in foreclosure, since many have swimming pools or backyard ponds that could breed mosquitoes.

It is recommended that residents take precautions to avoid being bitten, reducing the opportunity for exposure to West Nile Virus.

  • Use an effective mosquito repellent such as DEET. Always follow label instructions carefully.
  • Dress in long sleeves and long pants during dawn and dusk or in areas where mosquitoes are active.
  • Drain standing water that may produce mosquitoes.
  • Repair or replace door and window screens that have tears or holes.

To help track the West Nile Virus, report all dead birds and squirrels. Call 1-877-968-2473 to report a dead bird or squirrel, or submit an online report to the California West Nile website at http://westnile.ca.gov.

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