Rodney Atkins to Perform at the Visalia Fox Theatre on July 13th

Rodney Atkins
Rodney Atkins

As part of the Budweiser Concert Series, Rodney Atkins will take the stage of the Visalia Fox Theatre for a 7:30pm show on Sunday, July 13th.

The east Tennessee native has an impressive track record with hitting on sentiments that strike a chord with the country listener. Atkins has sold over four million singles in the past five years alone. He had six number one hits from his first three albums, from “Watching You” and “These Are My People” to more recent smashes, “Take a Back Road” and “Farmer’s Daughter,” which quickly skyrocketed to platinum.

“The biggest challenge is finding the kind of songs that really set you apart,” Atkins explained. “You have to figure out what it is you came here to say and stick to that. I think you live and learn. I want to record songs that won’t just be around for a little while. I look for stories people relate to – you don’t want to be thinking about listening to a song, you want to be inside of it. It’s like watching a movie.

“With any successful song, you’ve got to sit back and ask yourself, why did this song connect?” he continued. “With a lot of songs, the approach is about how perfect things are or how messed up things are – it’s one or the other. For me, real life is the ups and downs, and if I can, I like to get both sides of that in a song.”

Tickets are $35-$75 and available at

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