Republican Assembly Leader Conway Critical of State Budget Plan

Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare, issued a critical response to the approval of the new state budget plan.

“The majority party’s budget plan reflects their misguided priorities – spending increases, more pet projects and new programs that will put Californians on the hook for higher future spending,” Conway said in a statement. “It also breaks Sacramento’s promise to voters that Prop. 30 dollars would go for higher education by using some of these funds to increase spending in other areas of the budget.

“In all, the Democrats have increased spending by $12 billion. That is new spending that comes with a price tag year after year regardless of the state having the revenue to pay for it, and ignores the important lessons the recent

recession taught us.
“I am also particularly concerned about slapping statewide law on school districts to force them to spend their reserve funds,” Conway continued. “This move by the Democrats is fiscally irresponsible at best and puts districts in financial jeopardy making it harder to ensure that students in low-performing schools will be able to learn from a great teacher.”

Conway’s comments were not all negative, however.

“I am pleased to see that the budget saves some of our current tax windfall for a rainy day, pays down some of state’s billions of dollars in debt, and that voters will finally have the opportunity to vote on a Rainy Day Fund this fall – all proposals Republicans have strongly championed,” she said.

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