‘15 Ji-had Style Bases in this USA’

Ref your subject article on date.

Just happened to pick up one of your pubs and cann’t help wondering/asking which one of your people wrote the article about ‘Bundy/BLM’?
It led me to another article from another paper that most of our colleges are liberal teaching facilities poisoning our students with mind/future destroying instructions. Was the article author a graduate from one of those colleges?
The BLM is an org that likes to sneak in and steal things from law abiding citizens when they are not looking or have been brain washed.
If you had done your background work on good journalism you would have discovered Senator Read, and others had his hand in the BLM and was signing the property over to the Chineese for solar farms, etc.,
Then after reading further you might have found out that the Chineese would then have authority to import any number of military personnel to protect that property.
This is the way the muslim infiltration is happening, sneaky like, and their reported 15 ji-had style bases in this USA

Ray Phillipson

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