Grocers Statewide Help Shoppers Get Healthy with Nutrition Education

Each May, the Tulare County Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) and its grocery retail partners statewide hold Fruit and Veggie Fest events to encourage shoppers to fill their carts with the best healthy foods for their families, which includes plenty of fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruits and vegetables. Shoppers also learn healthy habits like filling half of every plate with fruits and vegetables.

California’s grocers are on the frontlines of the obesity epidemic, which is why Tulare County Public Health’s Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention program (NEOP) works with more than 700 stores to reach shoppers at the point of purchase. Surveys show that retail promotions can have a positive impact on how shoppers spend their food dollars and Cal-Fresh benefits.

“From in-store healthy food demonstrations and store tours, to special offers on fruits and vegetables, our retail partners are helping shoppers put healthy foods in their carts and on their tables,” said Tulare County Public Health Director Jason Britt. “We also provide shoppers with tips like choosing a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables like red, orange or dark green to add as the main part of their family’s meals, side dishes or even as desserts.”

This year’s Fruit and Veggie Fest will be held on May 21 at the State Foods Supermarket at 250 E. Antelope, Woodlake. The supermarket has partnered with NEOP for more than a year, recognizing that obesity is on the rise and is encouraging their customers to make healthy eating choices.

For more information, visit or For Cal-Fresh information, call 877-847-3663.

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