Whaley Responds to Case Dismissal

I read with astonishment the article headlined “DA rejects fraud case” in the April 24th Visalia Times-Delta. The sub header was entitled “FPPC finds no campaign rules were broken during raffle.” This article left people asking questions about several issues that have been previously covered regarding the illegal raffle/lottery.

Acting Sheriff Boudreaux states that the Fair Political Practices Commission submitted a review stating “that they had found no issues with the raffle from a campaign standpoint.”

The Acting Sheriff continues to assert this campaign fundraising tactic was legal when it is clearly unlawful. All a fair minded person need do is visit the California Attorney General’s website (frequently asked questions) and you find that Penal Code 320 makes it a misdemeanor to hold a raffle unless you are a charitable organization and exempted in P.C. 320.5. The website is also clear that the A.G. WILL NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE and “YOU MUST RECEIVE WRITTEN CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION BEFORE CONDUCTING ANY RAFFLE ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING THE SALE OF TICKETS.”

Our District Attorney has chosen to declare a conflict on the raffle and refer it to the Attorney General. Why would he choose now to even consider this victim’s case of fraud submitted by Visalia Police Department? Shouldn’t the District Attorney have declared a conflict on that too?

The Acting Sheriff continues to skirt the truth by telling the public that his raffle tactics were lawful. If it is true that he checked with the appropriate agencies in advance and was given approval then provide members of the press the names of the people who approved his raffle and produce the letter that the A.G. would have issued.

I believe that any law enforcement official, especially the Sheriff should be held to the highest standards of integrity and honesty. As peace officers we are not allowed to pick and choose which laws to enforce and we should lead by example. To do less exacerbates doubt and erodes the public’s trust in our leaders.

Dave Whaley
Candidate for Sheriff

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  1. Dave you are such a hypocrite. Why don’t you tell everyone about your high morality of using the department plane for personal use? Why don’t you tell the people about you stopping a criminal investigation on your son and then an internal investigation until he got hired on with another agency? You sit there and throw accusations like spaghetti hoping something sticks. You are definately from the good ole boy Wiley days and you know it. Your like a time bomb waiting to go off. You have no business running for sheriff that’s why Sheriff Wittman told you to retire. Funny all the misfits that you have tried firing for years are the only ones supporting you. Reminds me of another candidate four years ago.

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