Why the Truth About 9-11 is Important

Do you believe the official 9-11 report? Why?

According to AE911Truth, there is scientific proof that the Twin Towers and Building #7 were demolished by explosives. Many Americans agree with the architects and engineers of AE911Truth that a new independent investigation into 9-11 is needed because of the facts they have discovered.

Why is the truth about 9-11 important?

It is important that we believe our government is telling us the truth.

I used to believe that it was impossible for so many people to have been involved in what happened and not have one person who was involved come forward as a whistle blower. After watching the video “Experts Speak Out” by AE911Truth I have changed my mind. I believe that the Twin Towers and Building #7 were demolished by nanothermite. I wish that I did not believe that. However the facts are there that the Official 9-11 Report is not accurate concerning these three buildings.

Please do not take my word for it. Everyone who wants to know the truth must personally examine the facts and decide for themselves. Is our government telling us the truth or is there enough evidence to require a new independent investigation into 9-11?

Our government is our home. We must feel safe in our home. If there is leak in our roof we must fix it before we have a mold problem and have to move.

The library, bookstores and the computer are filled with information regarding the events of 9-11. Just search for AE911Truth, Building #7, Nanothermite, HR428 and decide for yourself.

If our government is telling the truth then it’s all ok.

If our government is not telling us the truth then we either must correct it or we deserve whatever happens to us.

Roy Kendall
Visalia, California

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  1. Why would you rather believe in a vast government conspiracy to kill thousands of Americans, rather than what really happened? A group of radicals decided to attack us, and because of a design feature they could not have expected, managed to bring down the buildings?
    Use Occam’s Razor. (If you don’t know what it is, Google it.)

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