Reader Frustrated by ‘Welfare Abusers’

Valley Voice,

I read your article on Calif. Food Banks have crucial need for more milk. I’m pretty sure these folks who are asking for food at the banks are receiving the E.B.T. Card and can buy so much food, I live where a lot of these Mexicans live they throw meat and all kinds of food, they are given too much. Why are they not made to work when we were that age we worked 2 Jobs to buy food. The food Banks do not check these free loaders why don’t you check into these welfare abusers down at Bethlehem Center almost all the younger folks are all getting “EBT”

Visalia, California

Editor’s response: I’m very sorry you feel that way. The fact remains, many folks are in dire straits and it’s worth it for us to do what we can in spite of any flaws in the system. My daughter is a Mexican, and she’s an upstanding young lady.

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