‘Many Facts… Need to be Exposed’

The gun raffle and campaigning on duty issues are deplorable but it’s not a surprise. Those issues are however, absolutely trivial and insignificant if compare to the reality of the crimes that have been white-washed and swept under the carpet throughout the current ‘acting’ Sheriff’s career. It’s ironic that in his attempts to paint Whaley as a “good ol’ boy” in his campaign speeches, he conveniently forgets that it was the good ol’ boys (and his own Detective Father) that saved him (at least) three times from being reported and prosecuted on serious felony crimes (both on and off duty). The ‘acting’ Sheriff should be aware that there is a good majority of people (and witnesses) that have a backbone and aren’t easily intimidated.

Control of TCSO was forfeited after Whaley retired from his undersheriff position. It was the undisputed truth that Whaley was truly in charge during his tenure. It was also undisputed that Wittman took a backseat and focused on being a politician. Unfortunately, Wittman placed his faith with people that had agenda’s and perceived political power after Whaley retired. Now, TCSO is reaping what was sewn from those poorly made appointments.

There are so many facts at play here that need to be exposed. They are going to be exposed. The ‘acting’ Sheriff will erode the Office of Sheriff into an unimaginable mess if elected. I can assure you, the true facts (not campaign promises) will be his undoing. Also, the cookie-cutter term of “mud slinging” doesn’t apply. I openly challenge anyone that can dispute the true facts that I have. The Office of the Sheriff can (and will) be salvaged with Whaley.

Cory Kuykendall
Visalia, California

Editor’s response: You have not really said anything here, apart from your claim of witnesses in the know of facts that need to be exposed. You even claim a few facts for yourself. I openly challenge you, if you’ve seen fit to comment thus far, to disclose them.

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  1. This isn’t the same Cory Kuykendall that was fired from TCSO for lying? Then fired by Farmersville PD for lying? Then fired by Exeter PD for lying is it? Guess enough said

    • Yes “Travis”, (I know you’re bravely using a psudeonym… I checked) this is the same Cory Kuykendall, (my real name… I have nothing to hide), however you seem to be inventing your facts, or lack thereof. I resigned from the Sheriff’s Office about a year after Lt. Boudreaux was assigned to STEP / Gangs (Street Crimes).

      After being assigned to Street Crimes, he was given his office over at Personnel and Training where he was near both units at the time. He however, decided to favor STEP for personal gain reasons, and moved Sgt. Gonzalez out of his Office (and into a closet… literally), and moved into the STEP Office.

      Lt. Boudreaux’s focus while in Street Crimes, was to further enhance his status with U.S. Cleek, because at this time, he was in a heated race for the next Captains promotion with Lt. Scott Logue.

      The atmosphere in STEP was ridiculous during this time because Lt. Boudreaux was trying to reinvent the wheel and play silly games with his “Look at me!” shennanagans in order to gain favor with Captain Williams and U.S. Cleek (and it all worked, by the way).

      On a personal basis, Mike is likable. Professionally, I couldn’t stand being around the guy, Even though he was also assigned to Gangs, he had no interest in the unit and basically ignored them, (unless he could take credit for heading some big gang investigation) because in his mind, Gangs couldn’t do anything to further his career in any way. You got to remember that these two specialty units wear epaulettes on their uniforms. Blue and Gold for STEP and Black and Gold for Gangs. The Lieutennant in charge of both units does not wear (and is not authorized to wear) any epaulett. What would he do if he was authorized to wear them anyway? Blue and Gold on one shoulder and Black and Gold on the other? My Point? Mike Boudreaux is opportunistic and is more concerned with ‘appearance’ rather than ‘substance’.

      So, taking advantage of the fact that he had no interest in Gangs, I asked Rich Ramirez (who wanted to go to STEP) if he was interested in swapping positions. He said ‘Yes’ and the switch was made. U.S. Cleek started asking questions of Boudreaux at this time, because Bill Seymour wanted out too.

      Lt. Boudreaux asked me to stay in STEP, and I respectfully informed him I was interested in going into Gangs. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t buying the whole “STEP” Esprit De Corps, Palace Guard, Crem De La Crem balogna that the unit tries to promote. Cutting down marijuana doesn’t make you the ‘high speed, low drag’ Detective that Jim Franks and Mike Boudreaux would have you believe. In fact, the only difference (these days anyway) between a STEP Detective and a Patrol Deputy is a 2 week SWAT School certification. The most important decision of the day (when you’re assigned to STEP) is where lunch is going to be that day. Serving Search Warrants for Narcs was a lot of fun, but those were Narc’s search warrants. STEP didn’e write any Search Warrants. At least in Gangs, you actually do “Detective” work and go make arrests and investigate crime and wright your own search warrants. You know… Cop work.

      Getting back to my point(s)… Boudreaux came to me three times asking me to re-consider and stay with STEP. I informed him that I didn’t care for the way the program was being run, and I respectfully declined. He even asked me if I wanted to go to Sniper School, and stay on the Entry Team while still being assigned to Gangs (that way, he wouldn’t have to explain to Cleek why he needs funding to send sombody new to SWAT school) I respectfully declined that too.

      Continuing on, the straw that broke the Camel’s back was when Kent Haws was killed under Boudreaux’s command. Kent and I were very good friends. We’re both Army combat vets, we worked Patrol in Porterville together and we knew each other since grade school. In essence, we were very tight. The thing that basically killed any faith I had left was when Mike Boudreaux planned the Funeral services for Kent. The bad part was that Mike Boudreaux, (the opportunist) elected to make the majority of the funeral about STEP. The focus was briefly on Kent’s life, children, and family. There was a nice video presentation that had several photo’s of him growing up, with friends and family that Chris Porter put together, etc. But to put yourself and the entire STEP team on display, on a stage, in front of a thousand people, above Kent’s casket, was absolutely class-less and self serving.

      The focus in a funeral (especially one of this magnitude) where a Brother is ruthlessely murdered while attempting to help a woman who was being assaulted by an armed degenerate, shouldn’t be on the STEP team and it’s commanding Officer. I would think the focus whould have been on his bravery. His life. His accomplishments. His family and loved ones. Never in a million years, would I have imagined that Mike Boudreaux would so callously attempt to turn the focus of this horrible event into a parade that focused on HIS S.T.E.P. team. But again… it worked. He beat out Scott Logue in the Captains race.

      So, “Travis” or whatever your real name is… I gave my two week notice shortly thereafter. I knew the writing on the wall, and how the Cleek administration was aligning their players into certain positions. When you don’t like something, the only person that’s going to change it is you. So I quit and went elsewhere.

      I worked at Farmersville PD, but took a job with Exeter PD (I didn’t get fired pal). I did, however get relieved from what the Chief of Police (Clifton Bush) describes as my “Provisional Position” from Exeter PD on September 12th, 2013. This was shortly after discovering $250,000 missing from the city’s coffers report, while I was negotiating a raise for the POA (I was the President of the POA at this time, and not a “Provisional Employee” as Mr. Bush insists). But the real reason was because I unwittingly embarassed Lt. Celis Rabena (several times) and exposed his inadequacies and general lack of common Police sense. This went on for over a year and a half. The poor guy just doesn’t have a clue about anything with Law Enforcement. But, what can you expect when there’s issues of Nepotism (The Chief’s Sister-In-Law is a Lieutenant) and the entire command structure of the Departmemt is lop-sided and top heavy? Chief Bush only places bobble-heads in command positions. Why would a Department with eleven full time officers, three full time reserves and one ‘provisional’ full time officer have only ONE Sergeant, but have TWO Lieutennants? I can’t say much more because of the litigation, but believe me “Travis” I’ve never been in trouble for lying.

      In fact, my reputation has always been that I’m the guy that will tell you like it is.

  2. Funny you mention that Whaley was the one in charge of TCSD while under Wittman. But when you ask Whaley if he is so pro 2nd amendment why he only issued 47 CCW permits his last year office. He blames Wittman saying Wittman was the one running the department. Maybe you guys in the Whaley camp should get your stories straight.

  3. Whaley camp can’t make up there mind. If he was in charge of the department how did he allow Sheriff Boudreaux to move up the ranks if he was such a misfit…It just doesn’t make sense.

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