Breathometer, Fathers Against Drunk Driving Partner Up

breathometer_front_w_ip4s_04-Screen_10in“We have partnered with Breathometer, Inc., makers of the industry’s first smartphone-based breathalyzer,” announced Robert Ybarra of Fathers Against Drunk Driving (FADD), the national organization he founded in Tulare County. “They have created a mobile app, and a hi-tech device that transforms a smartphone into a portable, digital alcohol breathalyzer in seconds.”

Breathometer made a one-time donation to the FADD Foundation and will donate a portion of the proceeds from every unit sold through FADD programs. FADD will exclusively use the Breathometer with its ongoing community awareness and youth engagement initiatives. As part of the partnership, Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim will join the board of directors of FADD.

“We share a common mission with Fathers Against Drunk Driving and saw several ways we could work together to have a greater impact on the community,” said Yim. “We support the many outreach efforts of FADD and are very pleased to offer support, and a financial donation today and over the coming year.”

Launched in 2013, the Breathometer transforms any smartphone into a breathalyzer within seconds — helping consumers monitor their alcohol consumption and make smarter decisions when drinking. Small enough to fit on a key chain, Breathometer plugs into a smartphone audio jack and together with a mobile app, transforms it into a portable breathalyzer that measures blood alcohol concentration.

“FADD is on the cutting edge of technology in raising awareness and prevention of alcohol-related crashes with this partnership,” said Ybarra. “No other organization has this type of technology.”

Fathers Against Drunk Driving was created to form partnerships in order to conduct mass mobilizations throughout the U.S. to reduce and eliminate deadly alcohol-related crashes. With associate chapters, students, teachers, high schools and law enforcement agencies, FADD implements education awareness prevention campaigns, programs and events. The foundation hopes to continue expanding its efforts to more regions in the U.S. and other countries in the near future.

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