‘A Day in the Life’ of a Tulare County Teen

If you have ever been curious about how teens spend their day or what they may be thinking, the Tulare County Library and ValleyPBS have partnered to give you some insight.

With this partnership, the library aims to strengthen its commitment to digital literacy by allowing teens to check out iPad minis for one week to film a “day in the life.” The library will support the teens involved in the project by providing training, supervision and the tools to record, edit and upload their own documentary. The films will be uploaded to the ValleyPBS ByYou website as well as the library’s website.

The project is intended to teach teens ages 14 through 18 information and communication technology literacy, and encourage them to be creative with digital media. The two-month comprehensive program will include the following activities:

Teens and their parents will attend one mandatory orientation session. During this session, Teen Librarian Faythe Arredondo will outline the personal and professional risks that each participant runs by including particular information or subject matter in their video. Parents and teens will discuss information and media literacy, demonstrate an understanding of the potential consequences of disseminating personal information online, and learn to evaluate and self-censor information that may prove libelous or otherwise pose a moral or legal issue. Even if a teen plans to use their own device, they are still required to attend a session.

The teens will receive training on how to use the iPad mini to express their creativity. They will learn to record, edit and post their video online in accordance with guidelines that will be provided.

At the conclusion of the trainings, program participants will have one week to film, edit and upload the videos of their “day” onto the ValleyPBS ByYou site. The videos may be prepared either at home or using equipment at the library.

Teens who wish to participate are invited to attend one of three orientation sessions to be held at the Visalia Branch Library on April 1 and April 3 from 6-7pm, and April 4 from 5-6pm. Additional sessions will be scheduled at the Dinuba Branch Library.

This project was funded by a grant awarded to the Tulare County Library through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by California State Library.

For more information, call 713-2703.

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