Letter: Oval must become positive, inviting

I and no other good minded and non criminal record person have a single reason to use the park currently because we have no reason to:

Hang out there
Be seen there
Walk there
Visit there
Play there
Party there
Drink or do drugs there
Sleep there
Sell drugs there
Seek prostitutes there
Panhandle or be aggressively panhandled there
Loiter there
Park an illegal shopping cart there
Store my bags of stuff there
Camp there
Hawk stolen items there
Share and use heroin needles there
Share, resell shoplifted items there
Have my dog off leash there
Be a bump on the log all day there
Gamble there
Hatch criminal plans there
Meet fellow gang members there
Threaten anyone who looks law abiding there
Fight, assault, murder, rape there
Avoid VPD there
Play cat and mouse with the laws and city staff there
Urinate, defecate there
Or Become a victim there

You see, unless there is a positive and energy amenity to go to, and to use in the park; there is no invitation to enter the park. That is why the above menacing population currently occupies and controls the park and has for over 50 years and in 6 months they will still occupy the park. The only push back that occurs is when VPD drives their cars on the park and confronts the potentially dangerous element in their order keeping manner.

You must put the invite out for a new energy, a new vibe, and a new park-goer. I used tried and true techniques at both Recreation park and Jefferson Park to inform the city and Police what was going on due to being invited to the park with the basketball court. Build a no cost, high value, temporary, 6 month trial basis, “security dressed as hoops court players” basketball court!

Or continue to do nothing, new ideas, no outside the box thinking. Then you can conveniently complain, see nothing has changed.

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