Gubler Announces Bid for Second City Council Term

Visalia City Council Member Warren Gubler with his family.
Visalia City Council Member Warren Gubler with his family.

“After consulting with my family and after much soul searching, I have now decided to run for a second term. Four years ago when I first ran, the local economy was in the dumps and Mooney Blvd. was half vacant. In 2013, the local economy is rebounding and Mooney Blvd. is roaring back. We have balanced the city budget and now we are experiencing budget surpluses. But there is still more I’d like to accomplish,”¬†Gubler said in a statement.

“I want to finalize the General Plan update, get moving on building the 911/Emergency operations center, the new South West fire station, the new animal control facility and finish the water conservation plant upgrade. My goal is for city to accomplish this without raising taxes. I’m a known commodity this time around, and hope to serve Visalia for another 4 years. As a former college trackster, I will be running full speed in this campaign.”

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