What am I missing here?

On January 22 a two-week long evidentiary hearing will commence during which Dr. Benny Benzeevi, CEO of Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA) and former chief of Tulare Regional Medical Center, will attempt to recover property and bank accounts seized by the Tulare County District Attorney. The Valley Voice has been granted permission to photograph the proceedings, […]

Rowing An Aircraft Carrier

Our youngest son and his friend, Simon, are visiting us this Christmas season. With our son’s return strains of original music are again wafting throughout the house. He and Simon are composing on their computers. It may be a return to fresh music, but everything is different now. In many ways there’s no return at […]

Tis The Season

It’s that accursed time of year again–Christmas. Other holidays come and go but are not really accorded their own season. Traditions, yes, but not an entire campaign, a full-court press of decorating and cooking, movies, shows and music. And it all begins before the Thanksgiving dinner is fully digested. This year, somehow, everything but making […]

Bandwagoning Pirates Discourse

However politically unpopular they might prove to be–or however inconvenient–we print the facts as we uncover them. Rational people appreciate this. This is, after all, our mission. Then there are those who lose their composure over press releases, assuming the Valley Voice endorses whatever statement has been issued. And there are those, too, who take […]

Try This On For Size

Here’s a nightmare scenario for you, Tulareans: The return of Carlton Jones as mayor. Think that’s outlandish? I’ll admit to its not even occurring to me until the following was messaged to the Valley Voice: …so here’s what’s being talked about in the area about what happens when David Macedo’s time is up on the […]

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

There’s California, it seems to me, and then there’s the rest of the world. Speaking of the rest of the world, California’s economy is currently the fifth largest, globally. Imagine everything going on in California–everything from farming to high tech–and it’s a diverse range of endeavors and people to meet them. If I could live […]

Who Needs Comedy?

After years of lurching from one emergency to the next I have learned that my family is awash in serendipity. But maybe we all are. Maybe it’s called the election season. Irrespective of your political stripe, it’s an opportunity to weigh in. It’s a duty. So is writing this column. I have to call it […]