The Subtlety of Loss

  One theme of 2017, especially the latter part of the year, must surely be disaster. The hurricanes and fires recently wrought by Mother Nature have overshadowed any political catastrophe we live with daily. During our five years in Cabo San Lucas we endured many hurricanes, and, because these storms are large in area, a […]

Keeping Up With The Jones

Carlton Jones should step down as Mayor of Tulare and resign from its city council. It would be the correct–and decent–course of action. Ask yourself if Jones is a decent individual. Over the years we at the Valley Voice have received numerous complaints about Jones, most amounting to nothing more than gossip. Gossip because people […]

Is Sukkot a Universal Holiday?

Sukkot is one of the three pilgrimage holidays of the Jewish faith. Passover – commemorating the Israelites’ escape from bondage in Egypt; Shavuot – commemorating the receiving of the Commandments; and Sukkot – the 7 day Feast to the Creator, on the 15th of the 7th month, when you have gathered the fruit of the […]

How Greene Was My Valley

How Greene Was My Valley Tony Maldonado, Dave Adalian and I have been hard at the oars now for the better part of two years regarding the doings at Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC). It was with some surprise, then–and no small relish–that, before the 7 September issue, I watched the Chief take sudden umbrage […]

100 Issues: Voice’s Top 20

For those who might not keep track, this issue represents the Voice’s 100th since returning to grace newspaper stands across Tulare and Kings counties. Starting first as a monthly in June of 2013, and stepping up the pace to twice-monthly in September 2013, this year also marks the resuscitated Voice’s four year anniversary. Compiled from […]

Matador With A Toothpick

This is the 100th edition of the Valley Voice since the Chief and I took ownership of it more than four years ago. I don’t know what–if anything–we’ve accomplished during that time. I’ll let our readers decide. But let me describe the experience. Operating a newspaper during this era of their contraction and decline is […]