The Dreaded Chicken Foot

I had intended to write about winning. Specifically how the Orange Horror averred, before his election, that we’d all get so sick of winning our heads would spin. But I could use a bit of levity just now, and give it slightly less than even money that sometime in the near future the Orange might […]

Lies are just that… lies

The people who post anonymously on social media behind the façade of the inappropriately-named “Citizens for Hospital Accountability” abuse our First Amendment right by spreading lies and misinformation to harass and defame good people. Stop and think about what is happening with Tulare’s public hospital.  The political circus that has erupted from the escapades of […]

HCCA Statement Re: CDPH Survey/Report

A hospital spokesperson addressed this response in response to a request for comment from a Voice reporter. In the interest of ensuring we are able to represent all sides, we are publishing the full comment from HCCA. This is in response to your recent e-mail requesting a statement from the Hospital regarding the California Department of Public […]

Death and Taxes

Here’s a finger in the eye of the Universe: It’s possible to find humor anywhere–even in an ICU. Unless you’re the patient. For those of us who are merely visitors, transported in a spoon to the bedside of our loved one, the experience remains harrowing. When I was a kid we used to have a […]

The Orange Horror Is A Domestic Enemy

And now the Orange Horror has barred select news outlets from the White House press briefing. CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Politico, the BBC, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post were each excluded from the February 23rd chinwag hosted by the president’s press bloviator, Sean Spicer. The Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted […]

Get The Facts — They Matter

Once again, community members armed with misinformation and fueled with personal animosity are attempting to send our Tulare community into ruins. Case in point is Mr. Hobbs’ recent Letter to the Editor of Tulare Advance-Register, where he opines that there has been a “misappropriation of public property funds” at Tulare Regional Medical Center. Nowhere does […]

“Qualified local physicians should not be blocked from deciding who will provide care to local families”

Newborn babies with critical health problems, often at their first breath, are among a hospital’s most fragile patients. Some babies are so premature and small that they almost fit in one hand of the doctor who delivers them. Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, and the skill and training of neonatologists and pediatricians, these […]

Buying the Place With Beads

Years ago now–and apropos of nothing–I wrote a poem that began like so: I long to linger among the Hmong; how I hunger to hear their tongue! These nonsense poems frequently come as a sort of whisper I strive to catch up with in writing. More often than not, I’m unsuccessful. And at this remove […]