Ramirez Recall Clears Second Hurdle

Hanford City Clerk, Jennifer Gomez, approved the Petition for Recall aimed at Councilmember Francisco Ramirez. City approval came on June 21, giving the recall supporters 60 days to get 853 signatures. All signatures must be turned in to Gomez’ office by August 21 before 5pm. According to Hanford resident Skip Athey, the goal is to […]

Woodlake Officer Trial Won’t Go to Supreme Court

The City of Woodlake won’t be making it to the Supreme Court anytime soon. On June 19, the United States Supreme Court denied the City of Woodlake’s petition to consider the suit brought against Chief of Police Mike Marquez and Lieutenant Joe Agauyo. According to Garibay’s attorneys, Maggie Melo and John Sarsfield, the case now […]

Political Fix (15 June, 2017)

American Exceptionalism Growing up, learning about our country’s history, I remember many ways America was exceptional. Our exceptionalism started in earnest with World War II when we churned out an entire ship in 4 days and 15 hours at the Richmond ship yard. Then the United States spearheaded the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe […]

City of Hanford Rejects Referendum Petitions

After the Friends of Hidden Valley Park pounded the pavement for two weeks collecting signatures for a city-wide referendum, staff with the City of Hanford have rejected their petitions. “Based on my two findings I hereby reject the entire Referendum Petition as not being sufficient,” Jennifer Gomez, the Hanford City Clerk, told the group on […]

Referendum Against Hanford’s New Zoning Ordinance Filed

A vocal group of Hanford advocates for Hidden Valley Park are keeping their promise. During the April 24 Hanford City Council meeting the council passed a new zoning ordinance that changed the designation of the undeveloped 18 acres of the park from public facilities to low-density residential. Because of the zoning change the group promised a […]

Political Fix (18 May, 2017)

The Paradigm Shift Here is the Republican Party’s dilemma. In 2010, the majority of Americans were against universal healthcare and the Republican Party gave those Americans a voice. Then Obamacare became law and started savings lives. Since the advent of Obamacare there has been a paradigm shift from the belief that access to health- care […]

Devon Mathis’ Chief of Staff, Sean Doherty, Fired

Sources close to Sean Doherty reported that he was fired as Assemblyman Mathis’ Chief of Staff on Friday, May 5. Doherty told two sources that he was fired, not by Mathis himself, but by the Assembly Rules Committee. Mathis was elected to California Assembly District 26 in November, 2014. The Assembly Rules Committee allegedly rarely […]