Visalia City Council Takes a Wait and See Attitude with Retail Sales of Pot

The Visalia City Council isn’t taking any quick steps towards changing the city’s Municipal Code regarding recreational marijuana sales. At the February 21 council meeting, the council members discussed changes to the Visalia Municipal Code that were needed in response to Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Currently, the code only regulates medical […]

Lack of Maintenance of County Culverts Leaves Kaweah Residents Stranded

Patty Miller and Jim Hewett, her grounds keeper, her dogs and livestock found themselves stranded because of Tulare County culverts that had not been maintained. During the mid-January storms, water that was supposed to run down the culverts instead flowed unimpeded down Miller’s driveway and private road causing significant property damage which caused the road […]

Political Fix (2 February, 2017)

Donald Trump said during his campaign that his presidency “will be like nothing you have ever seen before.” Truer words were never spoken. There have been massive protests, marches here and abroad, scads of executive orders, new phrases coined, nationwide detentions at airports, and the firing of the acting United States Attorney General. Pres. Trump’s […]

Political Fix (19 January, 2017)

What are you doing the morning of January 20th? Over one million people will be attending the presidential inauguration–and a few very excited Republicans from Kings and Tulare County will be among the attendees. Congress plays host to the inauguration and each member of the House received 197 tickets to give to their constituents. The […]